Manasi 7 Eye and Lip Definer Matte Finish - Yokan
Manasi 7 Eye and Lip Definer Matte Finish
Manasi 7 Eye and Lip Definer Matte Finish - Yokan
Manasi 7 Eye and Lip Definer Matte Finish

Manasi 7 Eye and Lip Definer Matte Finish

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Lasting all day, the Manasi 7 Eye and Lip Definer Matte Finish is a high-pigmented, creamy, blendable multifunctional pencil. It’s a versatile tool for creating an endless variety of looks. Made with the perfect balance of oils and waxes, this creamy formula glides on effortlessly, and blends easily onto the eyes and lips to impart a flush of colour. It provides a buildable colour pay-off with a matte finish. The shades are primarily developed independently from the other products in the Manasi 7 collection to use on their own for defining the lip or eyes, but they can also be used together with our other products.


  • Macao: A vibrant red that gives the lips a plump, full shape, inspired by the plumage of the South American Scarlet Macaw. It offers a classic red shade with a matte finish, suitable for creating a full classic red lip or combined with other products for different effects.
  • Castel: A universally flattering matte berry shade inspired by the rich tint of Urmia Red Cherries. This shade is not vegan.
  • Yokan: A dusty brownish pink shade with cold undertones, inspired by the captivating hue of Tricolor beech leaves. It offers a versatile matte finish and is suitable for use with All Over Colour Duras.
  • Spinoso: A romantic and sophisticated dusty rose shade inspired by the light pinkish tone of young Rose Petals. This shade is not vegan and is designed to be worn with specific Manasi 7 products such as Etruscan or Furusato.
  • Criollo: A warm matte brown shade designed to accentuate the eyes without appearing overly made up. It is recommended to be worn with Kobicha and brings out gold and bronze tones.
  • Yubari: A neutral medium brown shade with hints of mauve, designed for looks of understated impact. This versatile shade offers a matte finish and buildable color pay-off.
  • Petunia: A matte black charcoal shade suitable for eye lining and creating smokey eye looks. This deep black shade offers versatility and coloristic depth, allowing for various eye makeup looks.

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