Oio Lab AQUASPHERE Multi-Dimensional Hydrating Facial Serum 30ml

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Deep hydration for your skin.

Our fast-acting, multi-level hydrating serum is supercharged with five forms of hyaluronic acid compounds, two hyaluronic acid and elastin precursors and active plant substances. All ingredients are carefully selected to help relieve dry skin and restore optimal hydration.

This feather-light, gel-serum, harnesses the power of natural tamarind seed polysaccharides and algae extracts, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, well-moisturised and soft.

Aquasphere is independently tested and helps increase skin hydration levels by up to 49,5% after just 7 days of regular use*.

Get a fresh look and radiant skin with this universal, cruelty-free moisture booster. Your skincare, a level deeper.

*Tested using ASW 300 scientific measuring equipment by Aram Huvis, a leading company specialising in developing skin analysis devices.

Min. 99,38% ingredients of natural origin

Formulated without synthetic fragrance and preservatives


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