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  1. L'Essence Botanique Purete Toner 100ml
  2. Le Booster Lift Serum 15ml
  3. La Solution Immune Booster Serum 15ml La Solution Immune Booster Serum 15ml
    La Solution Immune Booster Serum 15ml
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3 Items

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Absolution brings us chic French skincare with an eco ethos and innovative formulas.

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Isabelle Carron.

After working for several years as a Creative Director for numerous cosmetic and perfume brands, Isabelle decided it was time to take the next step and create her own range. When working for other companies she always knew there was something that they missed out… some sensibility, simplicity, or aesthetic that would make the brand stand out more. Taking advantage of her background and passion for botanicals, she used her ideas to offer a new approach to beauty: efficiency, assertive design, pleasure and soul.

About The Range.

Nothing less than exceptional perfection makes an Absolution product. 99% natural and 50% organic, the very best of nature come together, with wildflowers, minerals, natural vitamins and much more. Absolution is also committed to a better planet, with eco-conceived packaging and their carefully selected suppliers who engage in a sustainable development process, whilst they work every day to reduce their overall production and planet impact. To them; creating a beautiful universe seems obvious when you’re working on a beauty service.

Organic IS Better.

It’s true. Absolution uses organic ingredients because they are proven to be more effective and less damaging to the environment. Not to mention, when not polluted with heavy chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers these ingredients react in harmony with the skin, and not ‘against’ it, whilst the plants themselves are more active and contain more trace minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids. Fewer toxins are exposed to the body and the skin works at optimum levels to manage and repair itself. Organic just makes sense.

Mix & Match.

Absolution encourages a mix & match approach to your skincare routine. Your skin is unique, it’s a reflection of the environment, your emotions and your intimacy. Like you, it has many needs that are different from one day to the next. If you listen to your skin and give it what it’s asking for. By simply mixing 1 drop of the absolution cream of your choice with 1 drop of the Solution+ that matches your needs that day, you get perfect customised care every day.


An intimate conversation between your skin and you, the Absolution range restores and strengthens the balance of the skin and brings it to equilibrium. Their holistic and original approach delivers outstanding results every time. One can enjoy the Absolution routine as often as you need... or desire it, but it’s wise to use less product at each change of season or when you notice significant changes in skin quality.
French Skincare Line Absolution Hits Stateside, And You'll Absolutely Love It.