Sans [ceuticals]

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  1. Balancing Hair Hydratant 250ml
    Sans [ceuticals]
    Balancing Hair Hydratant 250ml

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We love Sans [ceuticals] because they are pure, highly active and free of any harmful chemicals, and create a new generation in beauty: a collection of specialist hair and body products that dynamically renew the texture and health of your skin and hair. Sans [ceuticals] focuses on creating products that actually work, they use potent vitamins that are actively proven in scientific trials to change the appearance of skin and hair, helping it to recover from sun damage, pollutants and irritants. Each individual Sans [ceuticals] product possesses multiple capabilities ensuring the collection is succinct and multifunctional, keeping your regime powerful yet simple and your bathroom uncluttered.

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About Creator

Lucy Marr launched Sans [ceuticals] after working in the hair and beauty industry for more than 20 years. She created a range of products that are safe and good for both the environment and your body. Lucy balances being a mother, businesswoman and co-founder of Lucy and the Powder Room, Stephen Marr, and The Department Store. Lucy’s life philosophies include: Laugh. Be really grateful. Have a go at anything and everything—what have you got to lose? Be curious not defensive, and there is no right, only perspective.

Enviromental Care

Sans [ceuticals] chose PET for their packaging after doing extensive research and consulting with multiple environmental scientists. Their packaging is modern, safe and have a non-leaching form of plastic that is the most stable material available today. All of Sans [ceuticals] bottles are all solid in colour and ensure that the highly active ingredients are protected from UV light. PET is the most energy efficient and easily recycled plastic. All Sans [ceuticals] packages can be placed in your recycling bin and all Sans [ceuticals] ingredients are sustainably harvested and 100% biodegradable. All Sans [ceuticals] marketing materials use vegetable based inks and materials made from renewable resources.

Sans Principles

Sans [ceuticals] is a new generation of beauty and are very different from many other products. They contain highly active ingredients dialled at high levels to ensure results. Sans [ceuticals] are clean, pure and free from any harmful or suspect ingredients, with all ingredients being 100% biodegradable and sustainably harvested. All of Sans [ceuticals] fragrances come from the renowned region of Grasse in France. Each individual Sans [ceuticals] product possesses multiple capabilities ensuring the collection is succinct and multifunctional, keeping your regime powerful yet simple and your bathroom uncluttered.

Wash and Hydrant Collection

The Sans [ceuticals] Wash Collection are dual action products that simultaneously cleanse and treat hair. In order for these two actions to be as effective as possible, hair must be washed twice. The first wash cleanses without disrupting the scalp’s hydrolipid film while the second wash delivers active ingredients to hair for maximum benefits. While the Sans [ceuticals] Hydratant Collection are intensely luxurious and effective by containing lower levels of water than most standard conditioners. It also contains high levels of small molecular proteins, vitamins and detangling ingredients while also aiding in stopping the oxidation process of coloured, permed or straightened hair.

Body Collection

The Sans [ceuticals] Body Collection is formulated with four times more active ingredients than other products, to ensure that results are on a cellular level. The Sans [ceuticals] Body Collection is focused on getting your skin healthy, fit and fresh. Created to hydrate, refine and regenerate skin, while being incredibly absorbent, without leaving any residual greasiness. It will leave the skin looking plump and fresh. The Sans [ceuticals] Body Collection will help to heal issues like eczema, dermatitis and other problematic skin conditions. They are also created to regenerate and repair skin tissue and keeps cells healthy while giving skin a soft glow.