No. 59 Hand Soap 300ml

No. 59 Hand Soap 300ml
Suffer no more from dried out, cracked, or damaged hands! The No. 59 Hand Soap combines the skin-nourishing essential oils your cells need for protecting against damage, dryness, and skin irritations. read more...

If you have ever suffered from cracked or dried-out hands, then you well-know the importance of using an amazing, beneficial soap, such as the Rue de Marli Citron de Vigne Hand Soap. Super-soft and lightweight, this hand soap is a beautifully handcrafted, pleasantly scented way to replenish, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate the skin on your hands. Those painful scrapes and scratches from years of hard work will all but disappear, as the essential oils play a huge role in plumping, revitalizing, and repairing your damaged skin. Over time, your hands will look youthful again, unmarked by work, constant washing, or age. 

The formula for Citron de Vigne Hand Soap by Rue de Marli is cleansing, beautifying, and sweet-smelling. Shea butter is the base, blended with nourishing essential oils, such as lemon, Sicilian Mandarin, grape seed oil, and succulent orange. This amazing concoction of pure, organic ingredients not only smell fantastic, but they also work together to protect your hands from the harshness of impure environments.

When you visit someone’s home for the first time, the scents you encounter are the personalities of the occupants – and most people want their homes, as they want their bodies, to smell pleasant, amazing, and great. This is why we love Rue de Marli – because they understand the importance of great-smelling products that spread sweet, alluring scents throughout a house, apartment, office, or really anywhere. Their candles and bath products are also 100% organic, using plant-based extracts and essential oils to create a plethora of appealing, beautiful fragrances. The scent combinations are designed to tantalize and express, conveying the uniqueness of the person using them.

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