Oops! Naughty Me

Oops! Naughty Me
Brimming with volume and beautiful, black fullness, these faux lashes sweep against your cheekbones with each wink, giving you a coy, flirtatious appearance to attract your dream lover. read more...

Imagine this – Your favorite gal pals have dragged you to yet another club where the music is oh-so-loud and people are chest to back on the dance floor. You are sitting casually at the bar, nursing your favorite drink, and kicking yourself for not having the nerve to get up and dance without a care in the world…when suddenly, you spot him. Tall, dark, handsome – and staring straight at you with a passion in his eyes that you recognize as flirtation.

Now, this moment could go a number of ways - but to give you a flirty advantage in the cat-and-mouse game called LOVE, there are the Oops! Naughty Me Lashes from Velour Lashes. These lend you the fluttering, fanned-out appearance you need to make every seductive sparkle of your eyes capture that hunk’s heart. 

We admire Velour Lashes because they seem to really, truly care about their customers, as evidence by their extensive instructions – both in word, video, and picture formats. Their care goes beyond what you would see from other fashion-fabulous brands, and this has saved their customers a great deal of time and effort when it comes to buying, applying, and removing their perfect false lashes. Another reason we admire and love Velour Lashes is their go-green, eco-friendly approach to creating their lashes. Their false lashes are handcrafted from mink hair, but the hair is harvested from a mink preservation area where minks are kept alive and well to the fullest extent of their lives. Which means Velour Lashes products are 100% cruelty free.

Band: Cotton Thread

Color: Natural Black

Length: 6-14 mm

Type: Mink Hair


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