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10 Valentine’S Gift Ideas For Your Loved One To Indulge In

The holiday season has already passed but for couples, the gift-giving season is far from over especially now that Valentine’s day is fast approaching.

It’s that romantic day of the year when one can be extra thoughtful to think about nice and special gifts. Love is not just about the material things–but of course, it makes one feel extra special to be remembered especially on a day that most couples anticipate.

Aside from roses, chocolates and a romantic dinner, what better presents do you plan to give? Whether you are wooing someone or you’ve already won his/heart, you’ll find the best Valentines gift ideas for your loved one to indulge in through this article.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the One You Love

Finding the best gifts to give could be as simple as stepping out from the norms and looking for the less conventional Valentines gift ideas that both of you can cherish. Here’s a list that will take you out of the box to create a one-of-a-kind experience with your loved one:



If you are thinking of unique gifts for a boyfriend, husband or a special someone, why not give him a facial at home. Most men would give less priority to a trip to the spa especially if they’d rather stay home. Wouldn’t it be nice if you’ll start a ritual for him? Encourage him to maintain a clean and well-kept appearance by treating him to a relaxing at home facial. Of course, you can make it more special by doing it for him and using luxurious facial care products that are specially formulated for men.


Gently exfoliate his skin with Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub. It removes dead cells and cleans out the dirt that’s stuck in the pores to leave the skin healthy and balanced. With volcanic ash and green clay as its key ingredients, your loved-one will never really find the need to go out to experience the luxury offered in an expensive facial spa!


Love should last forever, and so does his youthful look. Do signs of ageing start to appear and he doesn’t seem to care about it? Then it’s your turn to give him a treat. As ageing comes as a natural part of life, there are also factors that may cause one to look older than his real age. With an anti-ageing treat, you can revive his youthful glow and give him the boost of confidence that he needs. Not to mention the special touch that comes with your gift!


Men have unique needs and you must choose an anti ageing product that can protect, repair and restore the firmness of the skin. The Absolution Anti-Ageing Day Cream for Men is organically formulated to address the skin needs of men, minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the skin. With an easy to apply formulation, you can help him with his anti-ageing ritual without a fuss!


Researchers from the University of South Wales revealed that stubble really isn’t sexy–and you can relay the message to your man by giving him a clean shave. Let him in on a morning ritual to help him stay free of annoying stubble. Make the routine easy for him with the best shave cream.


For a great shaving experience, Triumph & Disaster Old Fashioned Shave Cream keeps the nasties away. It has fresh citrus tones that will remind you of a Turkish barbershop. Highly befitting of a morning ritual, it is formulated to soften and prepare your whiskers to have a smooth, close shave for any blade.



It is the perfect time of the year to make your special someone feel like a Queen. A luxurious bath milk that is suited for a goddess is what she deserves. Let her soak herself and indulge in a bathing ritual that can make her feel majestic, beautiful, and very much pampered!


Spoil her with Lola’s Apothecary ‘Queen of Roses’ Bath Milk. This luxurious bath milk is the counterpart of Cleopatra’s famous bathing ritual and for sure, she will be excited to try her very own version of bath milk that has a creamy, rose scent and moisturising ingredients that are meant for a royalty!


Want to pamper her, but not really convinced with the idea of spending long hours waiting in a spa? Then an at home hand & nail spa would be the perfect gift. Give in to her little wishes by bringing home a luxurious nail treatment that she will surely appreciate. Make the day more perfect by preparing snacks that both of you can nibble on while she does her beauty ritual.


For the women who want to maintain beautiful hands, the UKA Nail Oil Basic and UKA Butter Hand & Nail Cream are the perfect gifts. Suited for everyday use, these products can be applied as often as you need. The nail oil ensures optimal hydration and can be kept in the bag for convenient use. The hand & nail cream has a rich texture to make the skin velvety smooth and soft as a baby. It also comes with botanical extracts to nourish cuticles and prevent chapped skin.


A bad hair day for women can get in the way of a lovely day! Prevent this by giving him a luxurious hair treatment that she will enjoy and include in her daily bathing ritual. The best hair treatment doesn’t necessarily mean having a regular trip to a beauty salon, with the right choice of products, you can give her tresses that are shiny, healthy and more youthful-looking.


Having a luxurious natural hair and scalp treatment is easy with the Detox and Renewal Treatment Kit by Rahua. Formulated to restore healthy hair and scalp and comes with all-natural ingredients that don’t just infused plant-based nutrients to the hair, but also help in the removal of synthetic buildup and environmental residue.



If beating the jam-packed streets, shops and restos on Valentine’s Day is not your thing, you can choose to stay at home and prepare for something really romantic that both of you can enjoy. Start fresh with a foamy bubble bath and enjoy the experience as both of you soak your skin to restore its natural and healthy state. Want to make it more perfect? Sip a champagne with your partner while immersed in a soothing bath.


The No. 59 Foaming Bath – Citron de Vigne from Rue de Marli packs vitamins and minerals to repair, refresh and restore the skin’s natural and healthy feel. Combine it with warm water to get fresh and zesty scents and cleansing bubbles to tickle your nose.


Valentine’s Day falls on a winter and this occasion may coincide with an icy temperature and freezing environment. Keep each other warm by staying home and enjoying sumptuous food and hot chocolate. Of course, it will be a lot nicer if you can indulge in a luxurious bathing oil that can ease winter colds and muscle fatigue.


A hot cup of chocolate won’t be enough to ease your winter blues–but a luxurious bathing oil can! Lola’s Apothecary ‘Restorative Winter’ Bath & Shower Oil is the perfect Valentine’s gift that couples can indulge in as it comes with a clarifying blend of potent plant essences to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. Much more, one bottle helps ease pains and discomforts caused by the biting cold and can be used for a range of purposes.


There’s nothing that a soothing massage can’t ease. For couples who are often busy with their schedules, it is a welcome treat to spend a day to pamper themselves and just relax. A soothing massage can revive your energy. It will be the perfect moment to relax and recharge for couples to avoid burnout while spending a special time together. TIP: Uplift your senses further by lighting up candles for aromatherapy.


DE MAMIEL Salvation Body Oil contains potent plant oils that are rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidant for enhanced skin protection. It has a perfume grade essential oil blend of Frankincense, Bergamot, Myrrh, Rosewood, Sandalwood and Jasmine which gives leaves a trail of subtle, sensual scent and a sense of grounding.


Valentine’s Day can also be the perfect time for you to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing day away from your home or workplace. Spend a day or two with your loved-one in a hotel that’s memorable for both of you. It could be the hotel where your wedding reception was held or where you first went out on a dinner date. A staycation makes way for quality time spent together–away from the things that usually occupy one’s attention.


Make your staycation the perfect time for your bodies to repair while you sleep so you can wake up with a glowing and revitalised complexion. KYPRIS The Gorgeous Sleep collection offers body care products with reparative and renewing skin benefits that can bring noticeable improvements that you can see and feel upon waking up. Of course, don’t forget the Triumph & Disaster Stash Box for him to ensure the perfect shaving experience that can protect his skin from stress and easily complete his morning ritual.

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