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Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

If you’re looking for a beauty product that does it all, chances are you won’t find it in the skincare aisle. While there are very few products in the market that cures all beauty-related issues, coconut oil can! From luminous skin to healthy hair, organic coconut oil is the perfect regimen for all your hair, skin and nail concerns. The health benefits of coconut oil are endless.

Coconut oil has a history of amazing health and beauty benefits. It’s no wonder why you need to have this oil as a part of your daily beauty regimen. For many who suffer with sensitive skin or hair fall, using organic and pure coconut oil helps to promotes beneficial results as compared to any formulated product found in the market. Here are some of the most beneficial uses to add to your beauty routine.


Replacing your skincare products with coconut oil can do wonders, not only for dry skin but for blemishes as well. With extended use, coconut oil has been known to reverse signs of aging by preventing premature wrinkles and hydrating deep skin tissue to avoid age spots. The benefits for its anti-aging properties can help protect the skin from harsh sun rays and add hydration to the skin. The antibacterial properties can help minimize blemishes and calm redness overnight.

Organic coconut oil contains natural lipids which replenishes moisture that is lost as a result of dry weather, pollution and aging. We recommend Dr Jackson Coconut Melt created with 100% organic coconut oil perfect for use on cuticles, lips, and dry skin. The oil is absorbed into deeper skin tissues to soften the most dehydrated and chapped skin. Use it as a cuticle oil to prevent dry hands and nails while preventing hangnails. Just by massaging coconut oil every night, you will greatly improve the health and appearance of your skin.


The same ingredients in coconut oil which aids in moisture also helps treat dry, brittle hair. Most hair care products which claim to reduce hair issues contain parabens and alcohol that can dry out your hair follicle resulting in hair fall and itchy scalp. As a deep conditioning mask, massaging it into the scalp regularly till the ends can help aid in healthy growth and leave you with a lustrous shine. It has also been noted to reduce protein loss which causes hair fall and split ends. The nourishing and healing properties allows the hair to improve the re-growth process of damaged hair.

If your scalp suffers from dandruff, regularly massaging coconut oil into your scalp after slightly warming it in the microwave for 30 seconds will help reduce dryness. It’s natural antifungal benefits helps to treat the scalp from dandruff while also strengthening the roots to combat hair loss and premature graying.

By regularly using Coconut oil into your skin and hair care, you’ll be able to see the benefits over time.

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