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The Best Edm Festivals You Shouldn’T Miss This Summer

EDM has become the leading genre in the world when it comes to live events and concerts. It has gone global and become a mainstream powerhouse, especially with superstar DJs mixing for long hours to keep people on their feet. Whether you’re into techno, trance, or even dubstep, there’s an EDM festival for you!

If you have no exciting plans for summer yet, prepare to be grooving to the beat of whatever music genre you want with the best EDM festivals scheduled from July to September. Here’s a must-see list that will get your fix of EDM beats, rhythm, and moves!

Summer 2019’s Best EDM Festivals



Neustadt-Glewe, Germany

Prepare for a huge party in Germany’s airfield. Save the date! From July 10 to 14, 150 top acts composed of superstars will play 5 breathtaking stages. Known for its visual production, you’ll be impressed not only by the performers but also by this EDM festival’s stage design.

For ticket inquiries, visit: Airbeat One’s Tickets


Ostend, Belgium

Belgium’s biggest beach party is happening from July 12 to 14. Get summer vibes while enjoying the scenic view of Belgium’s largest coastal city. This EDM Festival has a lineup of 80 great DJs to keep you up on your feet while dancing to your favorite music!

Want to get a guaranteed good spot during the EDM Festival?

Find Group Camping Packages, here: Ostend Beach’s Camping


Boom, Belgium

If you want entertainment from the most popular EDM musicians, this is one EDM festival that you should not fail to miss! Tomorrowland has been consistent in providing Electro Dance Music from industry giants with the likes of David Guetta, AfroJack, Avicii, Hardwell, and Tiesto. With its lineup complete with a magical atmosphere and an overwhelming number of attendees, Tomorrowland has gained recognition as the world’s most sought after and attended music festivals from the International Dance Music Awards and the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards.

For the world-famous dance dreamworld’s complete lineup, check out Tomorrowland’s Festival Lineup.



Cluj-Napoca, Romania

On its 5th year anniversary, the Untold Festival takes center stage with a 4-day magical Romanian party featuring top-caliber performers in EDM, plus other surprise artists. From August 1 to 4, awesome stage designs will be set to gather 80,000 attendees together.

Looking for travel packages for this EDM festival? Check out the UNTOLD Travel Packages.


Ledegem, Belgium

To get a surreal electronic music festival experience with a circus feel, Cirque Magique won’t disappoint. From August 2 to 4, suit yourself to Electronic Dance Music, plus amazing lights and sounds. Prepare for a festival experience complete with top tents, circus acrobats, rides, and other fairground attractions! 

Want to know who’ll be performing on this 3-day event, see this lineup!


London, UK

Honor a wide range of real house music in a one-day electronic dance music festival. In the 5th year of this EDM Festival, the celebration is returning to Trent Park! The 51st State Festival is happening on August 3 to set the stage for live performances including UK’s top Garage DJ. The festival is expected to be a soldout event with only a few tickets left as early as now!

Got questions about the EDM festival, see info .


Daresbury, United Kingdom

Be part of the UK’s biggest dance music festival that attracts 70,000 people worldwide! From August 22 to 25, Daresbury will set stages that are dedicated to EDM, techno, grime, house music and more! Also staging a comeback for their only UK show for the year is the Swedish House Mafia. There’ll be more than 300 artists to complete the unbeatable lineup of this EDM festival.

Make your EDM Festival experience more convenient and fun. Find Creamfields packages, .


Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands

Save the date! From August 23 to 25, “the longest running EDM festival in the world” is taking place. More than 100,000 people are expected to join the top EDM festival in the Netherlands. Aside from the nonstop live entertainment courtesy of artists across 17 stages, be delighted by the scenic surrounding that adds beauty to the incredible festival!  

Excited to know who’ll be taking center stage? Check out this line up.



Barcelona, Sète, Ibiza, and Palma

Bid August goodbye and welcome September on board one of the most luxurious cruise liners in the world! From August 30 to September 2, party along with other 4,000 passengers to the music of more than 50 DJs. Make this a cruise like no other as you enjoy an EMD festival that will take you across the Mediterranean sea and stop at beautiful places like Barcelona, Sète, Ibiza and Palma. In case you don’t want to leave the boat, you have nothing to worry as well. This EDM festival will not only treat you to all-inclusive food. There will also be enough activities to keep you busy with its two pools, six whirlpools, a rock-climbing pool, a casino, and an outdoor movie screen!

Here’s a  at The Ark Cruise festival.


Finsbury Park, London

Don’t let the EDM Festival season end without partying in the park! On September 22, experience all-day electronic music festival inside London’s Finsbury Park. Abode in the Park is expected to be bigger this year with 6 new arena structures that will feature performances from various artists in the electronic scene, plus some underground names. 12,500 ABODErs, the festival’s biggest lineup to date, will grace the event!

Still can’t get enough of EDM festivals? Here are some facts to satisfy the Electronic Music fan in you!


  • In 2018, the Electronic Dance Music industry’s worth is $7.3 billion
  • It is predicted that the EDM industry’s value will be at $9 billion by the year 2021
  • The top 10 DJs in the world earned $279 million in 2017
  • 55% of EDM fans are men while 45% are women
  • 33% of the listeners of EDM belong to the age group 18 to 24, followed by the 35 to 49 age group
  • Whites (63%) make up the majority of the EDM market followed by Hispanics (29%)


Ready for an awesome time at this summer’s EDM festivals? Make sure that you’re prepared to brave the huge crowd and endure long hours up on your feet. But hey, you may feel worn out after some time but you don’t have to look like it! Here are the essentials that beauty-conscious electronic dance music fans should have.        


EDM festivals usually last up to 4 days and you definitely need to stay fueled! Water is a necessity. You should also bring easy to eat snacks like nuts, dried fruits and granola bars for that boost of energy!

TIP: You may find water stations inside the festival grounds. Make sure to bring a vacuum insulated water bottle that you can use for refills. S’well bottles can keep drinks hot or cold for 12 to 24 hrs.


Cleansing wipes are a must especially if you want to stay fresh throughout the festival days. You’ll, in fact, find them very handy whether to wipe your skin fresh, clean your utensils, or to keep your footwear free from dirt!

TIP: Will the festival days fall on your menstrual days? Not to worry! You can use OrganiWipes especially when you don’t have immediate access to clean water. They are individually packed so it would be easier for you to bring them anywhere.


Complete your EDM Festival look with makeup that complements your getup! As always, it’s best to choose natural and organic beauty products. You’ll surely appreciate the ingredients that can leave lasting hues without harming your skin!

TIP: Don’t just pack makeup in your bag. You’ll also need a makeup remover to cleanse and free your skin from impurities. Choose one that comes with ingredients that can naturally calm the skin to leave it soft, moisturized and radiant looking! Micellar water would also be a great choice as it allows convenience during your festival stint.


To be able to enjoy the entire duration of the EDM festival, you need to stay up on your feet whether to roam around or dance to EDM beats. There should be no room for blisters so the shoes you wear will be crucial to your weekend survival!

TIP: Manage tired feet and legs the right way with a leg and vein cooling spray.  offers a remedy with ingredients that support circulation in the legs. It also comes with nourishing ingredients that help refresh the skin and make it more elastic.


Even when it’s summer, you are not guaranteed of dry and sunny weather even when the forecast says so! When you pack your bags, make sure to bring a small umbrella, jacket, hat or other things that can help ensure that you’ll keep yourself weatherproof throughout the festival.

TIP: Weatherproof your beauty essentials! Choose waterproof makeup to stay away from worries with makeup streaks even when the weather suddenly turns from sunny to rainy!

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Ready for the EDM festivals happening this summer? Read through the list to make sure that you won’t miss any important details to make the event a worthwhile one!

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