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Uk Summer Holiday Destinations For An Unforgettable Getaway

There’s no stopping summer and you could be missing out on serious fun and excitement if you haven’t plan your summer getaway yet.

Whether you’re planning solo travel, family holiday, or a trip with your buddies, the United Kingdom has some of the best summer holiday destinations that you should not fail to see!


It’s easy to get confused about the UK, especially the nations that it binds. For a start, the UK is not all about England. It is also composed of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland which means that you have more options to check when in search of UK summer holiday destinations.

So before you pack your  in your bag, here’s a summary of what to explore in each nation in the United Kingdom.


The most popular of all UK nations, England has a variety of destinations for all types of travelers. Here you can get a dose of both country and urban living. It also boasts of attractions from empty beaches and coasts to historic landmarks and national parks.


While it may seem like Scotland is an empty nation, it doesn’t fall short in offering great summer destinations. If you are the adventurous type, you’ll find here some of the most breathtaking highlands, borders, and moor landscapes that you’d want to explore. Not to mention, it is where you can find Glasgow and Edinburgh, the most famous cities in the UK where you can experience an unforgettable getaway!


If you want your summer getaway to be as perfect as the ones you read in storybooks, Wales is the place to be. Complete with castles, it offers a location that would be perfect for sightseeing and strolling as it is mostly rural as compared to other UK nations. It is also in Wales where you can find awesome beaches and heritage coastlines.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland can be considered as a ‘late bloomer’ among nations in the UK that are known as tourist destinations. The place is booming with historic landmarks, gorgeous rural landscapes, and world heritage sites.

10 Must-See UK Summer Holiday Destinations

Certainly, there are enough destinations in the UK to fill your bucket list. Stop dreaming about enjoying the warmth of the sun, the sound of the waves, the feel of sand beneath your toes, or being embraced by a picturesque landscape. It’s time to pack your bags and head off to a destination that promises an unforgettable summer getaway!


If you look forward to getting up close with nature plus engaging in a lot of activities, Snowdonia relatively serene location in North Wales, Snowdonia is geared towards making memorable experiences with Mother Nature. It offers a series of outdoor activities that include nature walks, hiking, cycling, bungee jumping, rowing and much more. 

What not to miss: The Llyn Tegid Bala Lake, Castell Harlech Castle


Planning a quick trip to the beach? Southport won’t fail you. Referred to as a classic Victorian town, it offers beautiful beaches plus a lot more! You’re sure to get your dose of holiday fun even with limited time as it hosts recreational areas from golf courses, theatres, casinos to botanical gardens.


Embark on a different adventure in the Scottish Highlands. If you have grown tired of theme parks and you don’t feel like exploring coastlines, you can check out landscapes and natural sights that don’t fall short in bringing a homey feel. 

What to do:

Hike the Cairngorms, Spot dolphins at Chanonry Point, See the highest mountain in the British Isles or turn on your ‘Harry Potter’ vibe at the Glenfinnan Viaduct.


Popularly known as the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh doesn’t fail to offer a range of sensory attractions to visitors. Whether you’re hoping to experience its rich culture, find entertainment for the whole family, or attend all sorts of festivals, you’re sure to find it in Edinburgh.


Want to experience Irish culture? Belfast is the place to go. Aside from its rich history, it also offers what holiday-goers usually look for–activities, festivals, landmarks, and even culinary treats.

Don’t miss!

A visit to the place won’t be complete without checking out Albert Clock.


Whether you’re a savvy for history or a beach buff, the Isle of Wight serves holiday-goers the kind of summer holiday in the UK, the way they imagined it to be. The place is packed with vast stretches of sandy coast and even rocky beaches. Not to mention, the old-fashioned feel of the island has made the place more beautiful. On one side, it is also the place to check a range of attractions from the best places for a day trip to palatial holiday homes!


Aside from being recognized as a location that breathes Celtic history, Cornwall also boasts of beautiful coastlines, fishing harbors, and a diverse landscape that all contribute to making the place an award-winning tourist destination.

Did you know?

Cornwall is home to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, known for the world’s oldest and largest collection of items relating to magic, terrifying mirrors, lucky charms, spell-casting stones, and even mummified cats!


Want to give your vacation a feel of what you usually read in storybooks? Don’t miss Pembrokeshire! This destination is not just home to scenic beaches and coastlines, Here, you’ll also spot castles, including the historic Pembroke Castle. This stunning fortress offers the most beautiful views of lush greenery surrounding it.


Looking for dark skies? At a time when finding a place in London for astral gazing has become more difficult with lights flooding places to make them brighter, Exmoor makes an exemption.

In the country, it has the darkest skies in the country which creates the perfect formula for getting the most mesmerizing astral views.

Where to Go:

Once night time hits, go on an astral gazing trip by heading off to Holdstone Hill, County Gate, Brendon Two Gates, Webbers Post, Anstey Gate, Haddon Hill or Wimbleball Lake.


If you’re planning a family getaway this summer in the UK, you should visit Llandudno. It brings you close to some of the best parks and hiking trails in Wales, including the famous Alice in Wonderland themed walks! But that’s not all, it is also home to Conwy, a World Heritage Site.

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Summer can bring discomfort because of the scorching heat–but you need not be bothered if you’ll spend the rest of your vacation in some of the most interesting places to visit and explore.

After all, it is always a breath of fresh air to see new places, know their rich culture and heritage, and even make new friends! 

Ready for the best ever summer getaway in the UK? Start with the places mentioned in this list to recharge and enjoy your much needed holiday break!

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