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Coral Pink Makeup: How To Create A Pantone-Inspired Stash

Since the start of the new year, you’ve most likely heard about Pantone’s color of the year–Living Coral. The reign of Ultra Violet is over and it’s time to make way for the warm and joyful color that represents 2019.

As early as now, you may already be thinking how you can incorporate this color to your look. This article should provide you with the tips and information you’d want to know about 2019’s color of the year.

Living Coral: Pantone’s Color of the Year

Living coral is a nurturing color that creates a sense of warmth and joy. It represents the fusion of modern life with colors of nature that can energize. 2019’s color of the year is also said to answer the call to return to nature and preserve the environment.

While Living Coral adds beauty to the surroundings, it is also brings excitement to the beauty industry. Here are some added information to gain better familiarity with this color:

  • Pantone Color Code: 16-1546
  • Color combinations: Red and Orange (with 2 parts Red and 1 part Yellow)
  • Representation: Global/Humanitarian consciousness, optimism, and joyful pursuits
  • Description: “animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertone – Pantone”


The announcement of 2019’s color of the year gives the beauty industry a reason to rejoice. Usually, Pantone influences the major trends in cosmetics. Unlike ultra violet, 2018’s color of the year, living coral as this year’s main hue means beauty enthusiasts are treated to a more wearable makeup.

According to Bree Stanchfield, a celebrity makeup artist in LA, Pantone’s color of the year for 2019 is a universally flattering shade. Living coral is a neutral color. With equal parts of cool and warm, it is fun and versatile to wear.

Pantone’s Living Coral is a cheerful shade that will look good on whatever skin tone. Anyone can use it to experiment with a range of makeup look and get a fresh and youthful glow. To explain in brief, below is a summary that will convince you to choose this color.


  • It works well on all skin tones.
  • It is a sophisticated shade.
  • Coral creates a beautiful contrast especially on fair skin.
  • Its versatility makes the fool-proof option even when you’re on the go.
  • It enhances skin tone and brings out fresh glow.
  • Coral looks good whether used as a lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow.


While coral is a shade that is a common choice of makeup users, there are still those who haven’t experimented with this versatile shade. If you’re one of them and wants to include coral makeup products in your beauty stash, here’s a list that presents some of your best options whether you’re looking for a blush, eyeshadow, foundation, or lipstick.

Kjaer Weis Lipstick Love

Brighten up your complexion with Kjaer Weis Lipstick ‘Love’ which features a fresh, red coral shade and a velvety finish.

It uses the finest organic ingredients and comes with nourishing elements like shea butter, rosehip and jojoba oil.

Zelen’s Lip Glaze ‘Coral’

Leave your lips with a summery coral peach colour with Zelens Lip Glaze ‘Coral’. It comes with a non-sticky texture and a collagen building formula to leave your lips looking fuller, healthier and hydrated–helping you achieve a radiant and super shiny finish.

It is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to plump and deeply hydrate the lips while Shiso Extract prevents oxidative stress and antioxidant protection against environmental stress.

Henne Organics Luxury Lip Tint ‘Coral’

Add a soft warmth and glow to your face with Henne Organics’ coral lip tint.

100% natural, this moisturising and healing lip tint is free from essential oils. It is made with organic avocado, coconut, castor seed and jojoba oils. Use it not only to add a flush of color, but also to heal dry, cracked lips and retain moisture.


Get the springtime glow you’ve always wanted.  Ellis Faas Blush has a deeper coral toned pink that works two ways: add a touch of colour to your cheeks while cooling and toning your skin. Using this blush helps you achieve a fresh and healthy look–and even enjoy it all day long without worrying about streaking of fading!

This innovative liquid blusher is packed with essential oils and rose water. It is also infused with  Vitamins C & E to nourish the skin with essential antioxidants and keep it protected from environmental aggressors.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand ‘Manet’

Give your complexion a semi-transparent finish, with this blush wand ‘Manet’ from Rouge Bunny Rouge that features a medium warm rosy coral shade.

It is formulated to allow effortless application of a perfect, semi-transparent, and streak-free dash of colour to your skin. Non-greasy, lasting, and buildable cream-to-powder formula. It also allows pigment release and skin adherence as it’s enriched with skin-softening Jojoba Oil and spherical powders.

RMS Beauty Lip 2 Cheek ‘Smile’

Want a coral makeup that has a 50’s feel? RMS Beauty Lip 2 Cheek ‘Smile’ suits your needs.

Add color and shine for your lips and cheeks with a coral makeup that uses organic ingredients, including virgin coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, and organic argan oil. With this coral lip and cheek tint, you’ll get added protection, nourishment, and hydration for your skin.

Gressa Skin Lumiere Luminous Complexion Fluid ‘Amelia’

Achieve a flattering look with the ‘Amelia’–a luminous complexion fluid with a peachy coral shade and soft shimmer that works well with any skin tone and can be used for the cheeks, eyelids and lips.

It has a unique and nourishing formula including carefully selected botanical extracts to allow luminosity and versatility while caring for your skin.

There surely are a lot of ways to integrate Pantone’s Living Coral into your lifestyle. Embrace this vibrant and hopeful color even in completing your look and you’re sure to get outstanding results. Pick from one of the products mentioned above for a perfect finish!

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