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11 Eco-Friendly Christmas Wrapping Ideas For Your Beauty Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner. For a lot of people, it’s the time of the year when wish lists are fulfilled. The gift-giving season is on and who wouldn’t be excited? However, it’s not just all about browsing through online shops to find the best presents. You also have to look into the best Christmas wrapping ideas .

Unlike in the past years, environmental concerns now give you more reasons to be conscious of your Christmas gift-wrapping. The good news is, there are a lot of ways to pack your gifts and add personal touches without contributing to environmental waste.

Alyaka, an online beauty shop offering ethical beauty products, shares this infographic that features 11 creative and eco-friendly Christmas wrapping ideas that you can use for your beauty gifts, as well as other presents.

11 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping Alternatives


1800s – Modern gift-giving has begun. However, gifts during that time were either unwrapped or comes in brown paper packaging.

FACT: The art of wrapping gifts in fabric has been practised since the Historical times. It is known as ‘furoshiki’ in Japan while Koreans refer to this art as ‘bogaji’.

100 AD – Gift-wrapping can already be traced back to China and this has a lot to do with the invention of paper.

Victorian Era – The British associated gift-wrapping of presents with the wealth and social status of the person giving the gift.

1917 – The gift wrapping you know today had its breakthrough. When traditional gift dressings in white, red and green have run out,  thicker French envelope liners were used as alternatives.


Along with the popularity of gift wrapping is its impact on the environment. Here are some of the statistics that you also have to know:

  • In Britain, 226,800 miles of wrapping paper are estimated to be thrown away during the holiday season–long enough to be stretched around the world, nine times!
  • The trash that Brits get from gift wrappers is equivalent to 108 million rolls of paper.
  • In America, more than 4 million tons of gift wraps and shopping bags are used which is equivalent to 6,000 football fields of trash or 30 million trees cut every year.
  • The yearly spending on one-time-use gift wrapping paper in the United States is $2.6 billion dollars.
  • Most gift wrapping papers are not suited for recycling because of its material, use of dye, tape, and laminates.



Use for wrapping bulky toiletries like shampoo, lotions, bundled cosmetics

What worked in the prehistoric era still works at this age. Fabric is a versatile material. It can easily wrap almost anything depending on the size of the present. The best part? The fabric you use can actually serve as part of the present!


Great things come in small packages, as they say. Grab a new handkerchief and tie a knot or bundle with a string to store small presents. You can use this even for jewellery–just make   sure to tie it securely.

2. Towels

Complete your bath products by keeping all of them together in a towel that also serves as another gift. You can create an all-in-one-package and all it will need is a season’s greetings tag to finish.


Having a hard time wrapping bulky or irregularly shaped items? Try a scarf! Unlike paper wraps, it won’t tear so you can absolutely do anything with it to make sure that your gifts are secure.


Use for wrapping dry beauty products that are small in sizes such as lipsticks, eye shadows, and blush, as well as those that are packaged in boxes.

This alternative is one of the most eco-friendly Christmas wraps that you can use. It is biodegradable and made from plant materials. In fact, it can be recycled up to 7 times!


Sending a gift to someone who loves music? This would be the perfect alternative to wrap his present. Tie with a ribbon or other decorative piece for the final touches.

TIP: Skip the tape and stapler for a complete eco-friendly package. Try Origami! It will help seal your gift just as beautifully.


Usually, newspapers are most useful on the day they’re published. If you already have a pile in your home, you can still make them useful. Turn them into gift wraps and you’ll be surprised to see a nice-looking present that would look just as good as the other gifts underneath the Christmas tree.


Who says brown paper is plain and boring? With string tied around it or ornaments to decorate, it would look as elegant and festive as the expensive wrapping you normally get from stores.

TIP: Add a personal touch to brown paper. You can add scribbles or even your kid’s art to add some character to the usual brown paper.


Can be used for wrapping liquid toiletries like bath oils, as well as bundled items like makeup brushes and lip tints.

Added alternatives to typical Christmas gift wrapping are containers. These are reusable materials that can also keep presents hidden from view. You’ll be sure to make the receiver anticipate what’s in it without giving away the element of surprise!


Can pack almost any item depending on size. It is also perfect for edible gifts. So if you’re planning to give away baked goodies or edibles as presents, you can have ‘em all bottled up. Adorn with ribbons, decorated paper, or a personalized sticker for the finishing touches!


Don’t have much time to wrap gifts? No problem. Pouches and dust bags are just as perfect as gifts with elegant wrappings. Just tie a string or add a tag and your gift is set to go! What’s even more perfect is that it’s reusable. 


All you’ll need is to clean up the tin and make sure that it’s free from crumbs. If you’re crafty, you can add some season-related ornament to it. Anyway, with it    s metallic finish, you can just add a nice paper as a label or to put your personal message.


Sending gifts to a group? Or think one is not enough for a special person? Reuse and get creative with beer boxes. The 6-pack types can hold your gifts together and as it comes with a handle, that means added convenience for you. You can cover the box with old gift wrappers, add holiday cards and ribbons, and you’re all set!


Simple but nevertheless, still festive. All you have to do is upcycle a basket to turn it into a nice and holiday-themed gift basket. Place all gifts inside and add some ornaments to finish. This is perfect for family gifts, offerings, or giveaways.

With all the wrappings and packaging that may end up as waste as soon as the holiday season is over, it would be best to exert some conscious effort on how you’ll wrap your presents. With the Christmas gift wrapping ideas mentioned above, all you’ll need is a little bit of creativity to make gift-giving more personal, sustainable, and extra special not only for the person who’ll receive it but also for the environment.

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