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Eyebrow Tips And Tricks To Get The Perfect Brows

Nowadays, maintaining gorgeous eyebrows has become a serious task. Lots of people spend time and money and turn to different “strategies” just to achieve perfectly-done arches.

However, with so many options to try and with a range of eyebrow makeup tricks that will help you achieve thick, thin, arched, or straight eyebrows, how can you possibly identify which eyebrows are best suited for you?

Creating the best eyebrows for your face can absolutely create a huge impact–and even make or break your entire look. So whether you’re into waxing, plucking, threading or filling your eyebrows,you have to be sure that your brows are done right.

To guide you,here’s an extensive article that offers some useful information and eyebrow tips to maintain the perfect brows that will keep your heads up!


Before going through the process of perfecting your brow line, you will surely want to know some  interesting facts about your precious brows. They may seem ordinary as they appear, but there are some revelations that won’t make you look at your eyebrows the same way again!

  1. The main purpose of the eyebrows is to help maintain clear vision. They are designed to keep sweat or moisture away from the eyes by diverting liquid to the sides of the face so it won’t get in the way of clear vision.
  2. On average, one eyebrow can have 250 hairs in it and can be as many as 1100–especially for people who have never plucked their eyebrows!
  3. Your eyebrow says something about who you are. Mac Fuller, J.D., explained in The Amazing Face Reading book that your eyebrow type defines who you are.
    • Those with curved eyebrows are people-oriented and require real-world examples to get a clear understanding of a problem.
    • People with straight eyebrows are those who are usually frank, logical, and depends on technical details.
    • While, people with angled eyebrows are those who often want to be right and be in control mentally, in every situation.
  4. Your voice has an effect on your eyebrows. When your voice pitch rises, your brows do the same and vice versa.
  5. Eyebrows are used for facial recognition. In a study conducted by MIT, researchers concluded that eyebrows are more important than eyes in terms of facial recognition as the study revealed that people find it harder to identify faces when presented images with missing eyebrows.
  6. The act of plucking or defining eyebrows dates back in history as a part of facial grooming.
  7. Different time periods show different ways of defining their brows. During the Renaissance period, eyebrows were completely shaved off, while during the 18th-century in America, people preferred thicker brows and even used the skin of a grey mouse skin to beef them up!

Indeed. Your brows tell a lot about you than you know.

But before threading or plucking your eyebrow hairs in whatever shape you want, you’d first want to know some eyebrow tips that will tell what shape is perfectly suited for your face.

In the following section, you will find some useful information and useful eyebrow tips that will deliver the most satisfying results from reshaping your brows!


Eyebrow shaping is a trend that a lot of people have already fallen for.

But just like a trendy haircut, eyebrow shape that looks good on another will not guarantee the same results for you. Eyebrow shaping is not a one-size-fits-all trend and to get the best effects, you have to take into consideration the dimensions of your face.

By shaping your brows correctly, the overall symmetry of your face can be corrected, which will in turn result into a fresh and more attractive look. Your brows give emphasis to your eyes and by getting them done right, you can pull a look without necessarily wearing too much makeup.

Ready to learn some eyebrow tips that will give you the best brow shapes that are suited for your face? Read on to know which eyebrow shape is best suited for you.


For this face type, it is best to go for softly rounded brows that will complement your square jaw accents, without emphasising the angularity of your face. Be cautious though when trying to make brows appear too round, so you won’t end up with overplucked brows that are shaped like rainbows!


The same rule applies when you have a round-shaped face. Lack of definition can be complemented by perfectly angled eyebrows. When your face lacks a defined bone structure, angled arches can bring flattering results.


Brows with extended tails play up horizontal features that are perfect for a vertically stretched out face. In this case, the tails of the brows should extend way past the corner of the eye. It is important to take note, however, that extending the brows too far can drag the eye downwards and create a droopy look.


People with heart-shaped faces are better out of the bold brows trend. A small jaw line, with much emphasis on the upper part of the face should be complemented with well-manicured and exceptionally groomed eyebrows. Not too thin, but more of having brows with a controlled shape that is not bushy.


Having a well-proportioned face shape is best matched with a balanced brow. To be exact, a soft angled eyebrow shape is the best choice. This type has an angle that goes up, and then a gentle round curve at the top and down.



#1. Place the head of the brow at the bridge of your nose, where it should start. To find this point, hold a pencil up to either side of your nose bone.

#2. Make sure that the arch of your eyebrows is about two-thirds of the way out to avoid creating a centred arch that is similar to a rainbow.

#3. Create an imaginary line that extends from the corner of the nose to the corner of the eye. Ideally, tails should be tapered to a crisp point to lift the eye and achieve a younger look. Extending a bit further can be done as long as the tail doesn’t end lower than where the head started, to avoid a droopy look.


Listed below are the basic eyebrow tips that you must follow to achieve the best results:

  • Always begin by cleaning and drying the brows.
  • Choose eyebrow pencil or powder that is the exact shade of your brows. However, for people with pale eyebrows, choose colours that are 1 or 2 shades stronger than your natural brows.
  • When applying eyebrow colour, create a shaded and soft look rather than a straight and hard line to achieve a natural look.
  • Fill in the brow shape wherever needed to avoid creating bald spots.
  • Brow gels should be brushed through the brow, the same way as mascara is applied to eyelashes. Avoid getting it in contact with the skin and make sure that brow hairs are not left “standing up”.


  • Use an eyebrow pencil to draw on different shapes over your brow area to determine which shape suits you best.
  • Any hair that is out of the brow line you made should be tweezed.
  • To be able to see each hair, it is best to use a magnifying mirror.
  • Don’t over-tweeze,  slowly pull one hair at a time.
  • Control tweezing, especially above the brow. Just focus on removing few stray hairs so you won’t end up having an unnatural look.
  • Using a brow comb or an old toothbrush, brush the brows straight up to see any hair that is long and requires a trim.


  • Brow powders should come in shades that closely match the colour of your eyebrows.
  • To fill your brows, start the application in the centre of the brow, moving outward to the tip of the brows and then move back to the start of the brow.
  • Short, light strokes must be used in between the brow hairs, while putting more pressure to add a stronger colour or emphasise the underside of the brow.
  • Lighten the colour of the brow using a brow brush or even a clean toothbrush will do.
  • Tame unruly brows and keep hair in place with the help of a clear brow gel. For better hold and control, applying a small amount of hairspray to the brow brush, then running it through the brow will work.
  • When using eyebrow pencils, choose one that has a smooth and light texture to achieve a soft and dry outcome. Avoid using pencils that create a greasy result.
  • Although the same application process is used for brow powders and pencil liners, you have to use a light touch with brow pencils as they create a stronger colour as compared with brow powders.
  • Think you’ve applied excessive colour in your brows? Don’t fret. You can tame the colour and achieve a soft effect using a makeup remover. Use Q-tips for best results.


  • Coloured eyebrow gels and brow tints are perfect whether you want to achieve light-coloured eyebrows or if you want to add a thicker, bolder look to your arches.
  • For best results, shape and colour your eyebrows with gels or tints without getting them on the skin.
  • Combine eye pencil with powder to get a controlled look that is made softer with the shaded look that the powder provides.
  • On the other hand, using powder with a brow gel or tint can help achieve a full and softly shaped brow. For best results, use the powder to shape the brow and then use the pencil or brow gel to finish the details–including patching of bald spots and slightly extending the brow ends to frame the eyes.

To wrap it up, there are essential eyebrow tips that you should follow to achieve perfectly arched brows that match your face. And now that you have already learned the basics of tweezing, shaping, and filling your brows, you’re ready to know the products that will get your brows done right.



In maintaining the perfect brows, it is imperative to find tweezers that you are comfortable using. Choose one that has a good grip for convenient and precise plucking!


A pair of scissors may not be on your list, but you will find it handy once you notice extra long hairs that seem out of place. Ideally, long eyebrow hair must be trimmed every 2-3 weeks.


A basic tool that preps the brows for shaping. It is also a great tool to fill in gaps in areas where hair is sparse. Apply with short, feathery strokes for the most natural result. A waterproof, smudge-free, and long lasting brow liner would be your best choice.


For people having unruly hair, a brow gel would be a lifesaver! Brow gels can tame the hair and act like a comb that separates strands and keeps them flat. Choose brow gels that allow effortless application for the best results.


To achieve beautiful, full brow effects, an eyebrow wax is your best choice. It can also be used to fill in gaps and define your eyebrows. For maximum benefits, choose an eyebrow wax that works as an eyeliner at the same time. Use with a defining brush for artful precision!


To create brows that are well defined, using a brow brush that can assist you with the even application of your brow powder is the way to go. A brow brush also softens eyebrow pencil lines to help you achieve natural effects.


The best finishing touch to a well-defined eyebrow is a highlighter as it opens up the eyes and adds light to your face. Choose highlighters that don’t have artificial effects to achieve a radiant and bright glow that complements your natural look.


After learning those eyebrow tips, you can now start doing your brows to create perfectly-done arches–but for the best results, you can find some inspirations from some of the celebrities who are known for brows that are to die for!

In this slideshow, Alyaka presents celebrities with eyebrows to envy along with the eyebrow tips that will help you steal their looks!

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