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Finding The Perfect Facial Spf

Whether you’re jetting off to somewhere tropical or staying firmly on UK soil this summer, you need to be slathering on that SPF to protect your skin from harmful rays. It’s easier said than done though as it can often be tricky to find an SPF that works for you and your skin. Traditional creams are thick, greasy and leave a white cast over the skin, they often feel uncomfortable and end up leaving you with breakouts (which isn’t ideal when you’re just trying to enjoy your time in the sun).

Luckily for all of us the advances in technology mean the formulas for our SPF are just getting better and better.


For your day to day protection in any hot climate it only really makes sense to use the . It’s the perfect size for taking away on holiday and even fits within hand luggage liquid restrictions. This lightweight SPF contains a whole host of natural ingredients to perfect, protect and care for skin. Aloe vera is the main ingredient to cool and soothe skin whilst green tea leaf extract and sodium hyaluronate provide antioxidant protection and hydration.


For those of you that are in to natural and organic formulas then  is the perfect SPF solution. This moisturiser is a great pick for those looking to get their SPF from their existing moisturiser. With shea butter, baobab and marula oils this lush cream replenishes dry skin, repairs sun-damaged cells and improves skin clarity.


The Circ-Cell Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum (SPF43) is suitable for all skin types and is perfect if you’re just starting to think about anti-ageing skincare. The oil-free moisturiser is big on it’s claims and has a solid high-tech ingredients list to back them up. Zinc & the antioxidant ‘octinoxate’ work to protect skin from UVA & UVB damage, whilst vitamins B12, C help skin retain it’s youthful glow. Hyaluronic acid is exceptional for hydrating and keeps skin looking bright and healthy.


This no fuss sunscreen option of perfect for those who have an aversion to any and all skincare. The Triumph & Disaster NO DICE Sunscreen (SPF50) provides exceptional protection without feeling uncomfortable or greasy on the skin. It leaves no white cast and sinks in quickly so you can get on with your day. No Dice is 87% natural and makes use of the natural mineral Zinc Oxide to protect skin with a physical barrier against the suns harmful rays. It also contains jojoba oil to lightly moisturise and prevent skin from drying out in the heat.

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