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Tips For Your Nails: Secrets To Nail Beauty

The beauty of nails begins with a natural nail care treatment with nail creams, oils and hydrating hand washes. Massaging your nails each night with a moisturizing product will prevent drying and detrimental effects of our environment. Keeping your fingernails healthy and strong requires daily maintenance to prevent splitting, breaking and peeling. Damage by harsh chemicals found in nail polishes and acetone-based removers will cause brittle nails and long-term nail discoloration.
Moisturized cuticles is essential for healthy nails, the cuticle skin acts as a barrier to protect the nail bed from harmful bacteria to help sustain stronger nails. Overgrowth of cuticles can prevent nail growth and should be softened before trimming. Hydrating nail care products will allow you to remove dead skin and debris accumulated on the cuticle. Here are a few top products for beautiful nails.


Strengthen nails with a velvety smooth nail cream created with rich organic ingredients. A non-greasy formula nail butter will hydrate the skin on your hands and allow blood circulation to the nails. A complex blend of bioactive extracts will help plump and soften the nails for an intensive rescue system for the cuticles and nail bed.

Brittle nails often occurs when the nail lacks moisture, using the ultra hydration properties of vitamin E and shea butter will strengthen your nails and improve blood circulation. Try Organic UKA Butter Hand & Nail Cream enriched with anti-inflammatory properties to nourish and strengthen chapped cuticles and nails.


Healthier and stronger nail growth starts with nourished cuticles. Damaged and chapped skin will benefit from concentrated nail oils which will rejuvenate and repair cuticles. Essential nutrients found in nail oil will soften cuticles and prevent cracked broken skin that causes the appearance of damaged nails.

A nourishing product with a fast-absorbing formula is from the Japanese brand UKA Nail Oils. Enriched with argan oil, jojoba, sweet almond and wheat germ associates will allow easy trimming and nail treatment of cuticles. Massage the nourishing oil to your nails each night for effective results.


Examining the soap you use to wash your hands is important for healthy nails. Consistent hand washing using soaps containing harsh ingredients such as SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) will strip the skin from natural oils and can damage nail health. Using pure hydrating hand washes will gently cleanse the hands and nails from dirt and germs while promoting supple firm skin.

We recommend Heather Honey Hand Wash from Noble Isle, a refreshing cleanser for healthier nails and cuticles to build a protective barrier of pure antioxidants. The rich fragrant hand wash contains nourishing ingredients, extracts, and alluring scents infused with honey.

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