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Perfect Beauty Cosmetics For Your Skin Type

Determining your skin type is the first and foremost priority before purchasing cosmetic products. The way in which your skin reacts and behaves in a normal day-to-day lifestyle is the basis to classify the type of skin you have. Each variation of skin type will react differently to creams and powder makeup items.

Different skin types help to distinguish which products will work in conjunction of your needs and which should be avoided. The foremost method to find your skin type is by seeing how much oil is produced on your skin, lesser oil production will dehydrate the skin while over-production will cause sensitivity with large pores.


Oily skin is prone to accumulation of blackheads and acne breakouts. Enlarged pores and excessive shine on the forehead, nose and chin is caused by an overproduction of sebaceous glands. This skin type requires the use of an oil-controlling face primer that will keep shine at a minimum throughout the day.

An oil-Free primer will mattify and smooth the appearance of large pores and allow foundation and powder products to adhere to the skin for an extended number of hours. Contrary to using powders, oil-free primers will help regulate oil from the base of your makeup instead of applying face powder frequently.


Skin that lacks moisture and appears dehydrated with moderate dry patches requires products that makes the skin supple. Dry skin often appears dull and tight with layers of skin flaking off. Using products which contain facial oils and nourishing serums will help the skin soften.

Hydrating foundations which contain sufficient moisture will help balance dry skin. We recommend using Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation, created with high-quality ingredients to create a natural illuminating glow to the skin. Enriched with Vitamin E and a special selection of natural minerals, the thin liquid texture smoothes fine lines and dry patches.


If your skin is prone to an oily t-zone and dry patches on the cheeks, this is described as combination or normal skin type. The unbalanced texture on areas of the face can cause large pores around the cheeks and nose while surrounding areas are comparatively parched.

With an oily t-zone, we recommend using a compact powder to mattify the nose, chin and forehead. For a flawless and smooth coverage, the  perfects shiny areas without drying the skin. Pressed powders offer a light to medium coverage with a natural silky finish to the skin without a heavy appearance on the skin.

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