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Pore Minimizer: How To Say Goodbye To Large Pores

While it’s easy to find beauty treatments to get rid of wrinkles, blackheads, sun spots and more–the quest for finding the best pore minimizer isn’t really a simple feat.

The truth is, there’s no way for you to make your pores disappear because they are essential for oil and sweat to reach the surface of your skin. But on a positive note, you don’t really have to bear with large pores.

Want to know more? Let’s first start off with some information that’s sure to keep you interested.


Your pores are classified into two–the sebum-releasing pores that are responsible for the body’s natural oil; and the pores that release sweat. Of these types, the sebum-releasing pores are the ones that appear enlarged.

But there’s more to know. One of the predisposing factors that cause enlarged pores is genetics. Apart from that are a few more conditions such as ageing, exposure to UV rays, dead skin cells, and trapped sebum that all affect the appearance of pores.

Furthermore, in a study conducted in 2016, the main causes of enlarged pores are revealed. Among the underlying causes that are identified are as follows:

  • Overproduction of oil from the sebaceous gland resulting in oily skin.
  • Less supple skin that causes the skin’s elasticity surrounding the pore to be reduced.
  • An increased volume of hair follicle as a result of clogged ends.

Imagine how the problem can worsen once the oil that collects in the pore mixes with the dirt that you’re usually exposed to or even the makeup that you are using. And with all these factors coming into play, what you’d want to know now is, how to shrink your pores for good.

9 Ways to Say Goodbye to Large Pores

While there’s no question that your pores are an essential part of life, it helps to get a clearer perspective on what you can do about them–especially when this means dealing with the factors that you can actually take control of.


It matters a lot to make sure that your face is properly cleansed, day and night. Doing so will ensure that your face is free from unnecessary buildup that can cause your pores to expand in order to hold the excess oil that has already accumulated.


Want to know the skin care ingredients that can effectively work as a pore minimizer? Look no further than the following:

  • Zinc and Magnesium – these ingredients help restore oil balance in the skin and clear the pores to give them a reduced appearance.
  • Retinol – works by unclogging the pores to make them appear smaller.
  • Rosemary and Lavender – natural beauty ingredients that soothe the skin and help control unwanted enlargement of pores by easing skin irritation.
  • Non-Comedogenic – this is one word to check on the labels of beauty products that will guide you in choosing those that won’t cause clogged pores.


If you have oily skin, using oil-based products won’t do much good especially in keeping the size of your pores small. Choose water-based beauty products to avoid excessive oil on the skin that can contribute to the appearance of large pores.


While many people would think that a moisturizing cleanser is a foolproof way to cleanse the face, it can actually cause oiliness if it leaves residue in the pores. On the other hand, a gel-based cleanser performs its role while keeping oil away from the pores, thus making them appear smaller.

However, don’t get yourself confused over a moisturizing cleanser and moisturizing lotion.

Moisturizing cleansers may cause clogged pores, on the contrary, moisturizing lotions can bring skin benefits, especially when used after washing or patting the skin dry. As it hydrates and keeps your skin soft, sebum is able to keep off the surface of the pores as it penetrates deeper into the skin.


While ordinary cleansing helps, skin exfoliation also works as it helps in removing the particles or buildup that can lead to pore blockage, including dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil. This is especially true for those with oily skin and in such case, it’s essential to do exfoliation 1 to 2 times per week.

Take note, however, that overdoing exfoliation especially when using products with alcohol or salicylic acid can actually cause the skin to dry out and eventually make pores appear bigger.


Identify the areas of your face that require greater attention and care. Keep in mind that the distribution of oil on your face is not even and you may not be giving enough attention to some parts, causing pores on these areas to appear larger.

Spot treatment allows you to give your skin the attention it needs. There are ways that you can try to get this done.

First is by using a clay mask once or twice a week to get rid of the oil from a particular area of your face. To use this, apply a thin layer on your skin and leave it there for a few minutes. Use water to rinse it off.

Clay is an effective option to get rid of excess oil as it can wick out extra oil from congested pores fast and gently. However, take note that this should not be done together with exfoliating as this may lead to skin irritation which may result in enlarged pores and blemishes.

Your second option is the use of a blotting paper which is a simple way to get rid of excess oil from the problem areas of your face.


The sun causes serious skin damages and one of these is skin dryness–a problem that contributes to larger looking pores. Regular use of sunscreen keeps problems at bay.

When the skin is dry, pores may appear larger and this gives you better reasons to be strict with your sun protection habits. Aside from the use of sunscreen, it also helps to use additional sun protecting gears such as wide-brimmed hats and protective clothing, as well as staying in the shade while the sun is at its peak.


No matter how tired you are, it is important to make sure that your makeup is removed before going to sleep. Failing to do so increases the chances for your pores to be clogged because of the buildup that may occur overnight.

There are different types of natural makeup removers that you can use to ensure safe and effective removal of makeup, oil, and germs. Konjac sponge has also gained popularity because it deeply cleanses while absorbing the oil, therefore preventing buildup.


There are habits that can help shrink your pores or make them less visible than the way they usually appear. How to do it? Here’s a range of ways to help reduce your pore size.

  • Eat a balanced diet. Aside from improving overall wellness, balance intake of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates will have a good reflection on your skin.
  • Hydrate. Keeping the skin hydrated from within is possible through proper hydration. As a result, you’ll achieve a huge improvement in your overall complexion.
  • Exercise. Through exercise, blood flow increases to all the parts of the body. It also facilitates sweating which is a mechanism that releases a natural antibiotic that keeps the skin protected from bacteria. However, one should also be careful to practice skin cleansing after exercise to make sure that the skin’s surface will be free from buildup or germs that may cause clogged pores.


We know that you’re looking for more. And if you are still in search of the best pore minimizers, consider your search over! Here is a round-up of the best products that guarantee to effectively shrink your pores.

Odacite Jo + L Clogged Pores Serum Concentrate

With daily exposure to dirt and germs, you have to clear your face of the residue to achieve a flawless and evenly toned complexion. With Odacite Jo+L  Clogged Pores Concentrate Serum you get a pore minimizer that provides the skincare you need, vitamins for skin health, and the lavender oils that have been used in aromatherapy for centuries.

Absolution Deep Cleansing Mask

Absolution Le Soin Purifiant Deep Cleansing Mask provides intensive weekly treatment mask that allows removal of impurities that lie deep within pores. It offers an organic beauty solution that helps revitalise the skin while purifying and tightening the pores for a clearer and more radiant complexion. Suited for all skin types.

Elemental Herbology Cool & Clear Facial Cleanser

Get a double acting facial cleanser that offers antibacterial properties to help reduce skin breakouts and purify pores to leave you with nothing less than a clean and naturally refreshed skin. Alongside is its antioxidants that get rid of impurities, balance sebum production and soothe congested skin.

African Botanics Clay Oxygenating Cleanser

African Clay has properties that keep the pores refined while allowing a speedy healing of acne and blemishes–all these while getting rid of excess oil and reducing pore size. But not only that, this clay cleanser comes with African botanicals that will leave your skin firm, toned, plump and hydrated! Best of all, you can be sure that it is safe to use as it is free from parabens, BPA petrochemicals, and preservatives that can harm the skin.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Exfoliating Booster

Want to wake up with a flawless and more youthful complexion? This beauty product can help shrink your pores by decongesting them while targeting skin ageing signs such as fine lines, dullness, pigmentation, post-blemish marking and uneven skin tone. Suitable for all skin types.

Enlarged pores are no longer a nightmare when you know the right techniques to control them, plus the right beauty products to assist you in achieving an effective routine.

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