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Spring Nail Trends That You’D Love To Flaunt This Season

The thought of Spring is usually associated with cleanups and upgrades. And while many are busy in sprucing up their homes, you can take the time to update your nails!

Certainly, your nails deserve the extra attention–and you can even do better by turning to the spring nail trends to welcome the warm weather with the most fashionable colours and designs.

Get ready to be more playful as this infographic highlights the Spring nail trends that you should be wearing this season!

Spring Nail Trends to Get You Season-Ready!

Say goodbye to winter palette, Spring offers lighter and more playful nail colours and designs to amp up your beauty game.


Ultra Violet is the way to go. If you love violet, now is the time to don it! Pantone’s colour of the year will give your nails the added shimmer it needs.

Rock it with magenta. If you’re not into ultraviolet or if you want a mix of red and purple, magenta is the shade that will give you the best of both worlds.

Black is back. You don’t really need bright colours to stand out. Create a bold statement through a nail colour that’s truly timeless.

Sizzle with hot pink. Who needs red when you can be just as bold? This spring all you need is a hot pink nail colour to get your share of attention.

Keep it tamed with soft pink. Is hot pink too hot to handle? No worries. This spring, you can still look chic with a soft pink nail colour. You can play it up by adding a bit of shimmer.

Be ocean-inspired. Spring is synonymous with vacation. And if you can’t go to the beach, you can bring the colours of the ocean right to your fingernails.

Look fresh with yellow. A soft yellow shade has every bit of the spring appeal you want. Wear it to be the belle of the ball.

Be vibrant with orange. If yellow is just too sweet for your taste, you can look fierce with orange. You’ll love it more as this shade suits all skin tones.

Keep nudes warmer. Can’t let go of nude nail polish? You can still wear it and look just as trendy especially by adding a warm finish to the classic nude.


3D Embellishments

Why settle for ordinary when you can be extra? Whether it be rhinestones, rings or other metallic adornments, you’d get the oomph you want for your nails.

Logo Nails

When you can’t get enough of the brands you love, wear ‘em on your nails! You’ll look completely fab with the monograms and symbols you love painted on your nails.


Get an elevated look by adding frost and shine to your nails. Definitely, shimmery nails go beyond the holiday season–especially if you can look just as fabulous any day in Spring!


What’s spring without flowers? Wouldn’t you want to see it displayed on your nails? This is possibly the best nail design that will allow you to feel the transition from winter to spring.


It’s the season of picnics and more time at the park. If you’re fond of checks, it’s great to know that you can also wear it on your nails. Choose complementary colours to create a really cool design.


But of course, the best nail colours and designs would be no match for nails that get the best possible care. From your cuticle to your fingertips, there are techniques that you need to master to expertly take care of your nails.

Maintain the right nail length and shape.

Some like their nails long while others tend to keep them short. While it’s a matter of preference, you also have to take into consideration that growing them too long makes them more prone to breakage. On the other hand, you may not be able to give your fingernails the right protection with nails that are too short.

What’s Ideal?

Keep nails 2 to 3 mm longer than your fingertips while keeping them between round and square to maintain their natural shape.

Pay equal attention to your cuticles.

The rule of thumb is to keep your cuticles in the best condition to maintain healthy nails. Cuticles protect the nails, particularly the one that promotes new cell and nail growth.

Nail Care Tip:

Use a  that strengthens brittle nails and provides the nourishment needed by sensitive cuticles.

Moisturise your nails.

Hydration is important in maintaining healthy nails. Choose those that contain natural ingredients and those with Vitamin E to ensure the health of your cuticles. Nail oils are most suitable to provide the hydration that your nails and cuticles require.

Keep your nails protected.

It’s the season of spring cleaning and while your hands will be doing a lot of chores, you should find ways to keep it from being wet at all times. If you can’t resist the urge to clean up, just use cotton-lined gloves.

Did You Know?

Your fingernails swell when wet and shrink when dried up, making them brittle and weak.

Eat right.

Your diet as you know has an impact not only on your health but on how you look as well. The best thing to do is to keep the body hydrated while choosing the right foods that can nourish your skin and nails.

What’s Best for the Nails?

You can give your nails the nourishment they need by eating foods with high folic acid content. Also, as nails are composed of protein, you have to eat more protein-rich foods to ensure strong and healthy nails.

Get high with spring fever using the best nail colours and designs that you can flaunt this season. Do you know other spring nail trends that weren’t included in this infographic? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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