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Sensitive Skin? Take Extra Care With An All-Natural Approach

Normal beauty regimes are not suitable for those of us with sensitive skin, and a different approach needs to be taken in order to protect, nourish and soothe our skin to keep it healthy and happy.

If you suffer from redness and irritation, it’s most likely the fault of synthetic products, especially if you have sensitive skin. By switching to an organic skincare regime, you can care for your skin in a gentle way that only uses all-natural ingredients; it’s better for the environment, but mostly better for your sensitive skin!

Alyaka has picked out some of the best products for your new, gentle, all-natural skincare regime:

To give your sensitive skin a fighting chance, you need to begin your new all-natural regime with a cleanser that still packs a punch but doesn’t contain any of the harmful pollutants or aggressive chemicals that cause redness and irritation.

We’ve found no better product than the Urban Foam from Ambuja. The totally organic ingredient list includes peptides, lotus cell water, grape distillate and green coconut water, all of which are packed with vital anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins to help restore and nourish sensitive skin.

It’s important that you include an anti-inflammatory in your organic skincare regime, to reduce any residual redness and give your skin the chance to overcome any lasting irritation.

Lavender is an excellent anti-inflammatory, and as a result we’d recommend The Earth Tu Face Toning Mist. This product also contains rose geranium to stimulate collagen production, which will restore balance to oily, sensitive skin. The aromatic blend of garden-grown components is wonderfully floral, featuring rose petals and rose water amongst other totally organic ingredients; perfect for your delicate complexion.

Once you’ve cleansed and reduced irritation, you need to lock in moisture and continually soothe sensitive skin to keep it healthy.

ARgENTUM Apothecary’s La Potion Infinie is an enriching and nourishing cream that helps contribute to lasting smoothness and a blemish-free appearance. The main active ingredient is silver hydrosol, a hydrating element that also helps fight the signs of ageing with continuous application. Amongst other organic compounds, shea butter, geranium, sandalwood, rosewood, citrus, patchouli, and sweet almonds will ensure you smell as good as you look!

Alyaka always suggests an all-natural and organic skincare regime simply because organic products are the best thing for your sensitive skin. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on luxury!

The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm from May Lindstrom oozes luxury and decadence; this exotic and vibrant blue balm contains carmelia seed oil, myrrh oil, fruit extracts, and lavender oil that will bring out the glamorous in anyone pursuing an all-natural skincare regime. Certified organic, the balm is cool to the touch and will leave your skin hydrated and healthy, leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated and happy!

Sensitive skin needs care and attention, but with the right organic products and all-natural skincare regime you can maintain a glowing, healthy appearance free from redness and irritation. Make the change today!

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