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‘Sometimes The Lightest Touch Has The Greatest Impact’ – Kerry Moore


As it is with nature – everything changes and the best response to change is to adapt. Autumn is the perfect time to make the seasonal changes to both your self-care & skincare routines to prepare for the colder, winter months ahead.

Traditionally the harvest is gathered and hearty supplies are stored to nourish us through the long months. Our diet shifts to heavier, richer foods to warm and satisfy, the days are shorter so we spend more time indoors keeping warm. Making a few simple adjustments can make a huge difference to how we feel and look.

Adapting our diet to the seasonal produce around us keeps us in tune with nature’s rhythms, warming herbal teas & soups satisfying not only our nutritional needs but offering warmth and comfort.

Movement is key to keeping our lymphatic and circulatory systems healthy so if it is too cold for outdoor pursuits look to a daily yoga or pilates practice.

Warming baths with oils and herbal extracts can warm & soothe tired muscles & offer essential time for self-care, use this time to add a nourishing face mask like our DEEP REVEAL which works perfectly to soothe, hydrate and repair skin.

We naturally layer up our clothing, several thinner layers proving more efficient than one thick layer. Taking the same approach with our skincare will keep skin looking healthy without overloading with heavy products.

‘Sometimes the lightest touch has the greatest impact’ – Kerry Moore

Our two new facial essences ‘MEADOW DEW’ & ‘NOCTURNAL NECTAR’ offer the perfect solution to transition your skin. These nectars like treatment essences both contain bio-fermented apple cider vinegar which is brimming with amino acids and antioxidants that serve to hydrate, soften and nourish the skin. The concentrated formula not only rebalances the skin but helps to dissolve dead skin cells, delay the appearance of wrinkles and stimulate circulation.

To take advantage of their multiple benefits we suggest incorporating them into your day and night routines as follows.

Post cleanse, spritz your chosen mist over face & neck, breathe in to allow the aromatherapeutic oils to take effect.

Daytime – take 4 drops of MEADOW DEW into the palms then gently press palms together and then press the dew into your skin.
Nightime – take 4 drops of NOCTURNAL NECTAR & repeat as above

Follow with the appropriate serum/oil/balm

Our skin shifts naturally through the seasons and also in response to hormonal changes, stress and our environment so do pay attention to any changes that may occur and adapt your products accordingly.
Consider including a layer of CITY SCREEN underneath your DAY LIGHT or switching to the SLEEP TIGHT for day time if skin becomes dry and flaky.

Try using either DEEP REVEAL or SLEEP TIGHT as a nourishing, repairing mask once or twice weekly.
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Keep a mist with you to replenish moisture day long and keep your skin protected from digital and environmental aggressors.

Finally, make sure you sleep well. Sleep is vital to repair and rebuild, a nightly hibernation. Use your evening skin ritual to prepare your body for sleep, taking time away from stimuli to calm and settle the mind. Our SLEEP products are all prepared with our own soporific SLEEP scent to help lull you into a blissful, deep slumber…

BEAUTY SLEEP-NOCTURNAL NECTAR-SLEEP TIGHT, just the names make you dreamy! Be kind to yourselves & enjoy the changes.

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