23 Makeup Looks for Women on the Go

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Women usually have a lot of things going on and whether you are a student, a career woman, or a mum, getting prepared and out of the house in a matter of minutes are no longer unusual, leaving women with little to no time left to put on a makeup.

On days when you have no choice but to simply get out the door in no time, it’s good to know that there are quick and easy ways to achieve the best makeup looks that suit a fast-paced lifestyle.

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Keeping the Balance between Good Looks and a Busy Lifestyle

Are you among the women who often battle with the thought of applying makeup before leaving the house or leaving barefaced just to show up to an appointment on time? Then this article is for you.

For a lot of busy women, leaving the house in a fabulous manner is nothing but a dream. More often than not, it is a huge dilemma to put together certain makeup looks that can turn ordinary to gorgeous–but of course, this won’t be a problem if you will switch to beauty routines that make makeup application a lot simpler and quick!

In this article, you will know how to manage a busy lifestyle and a gorgeous look through a range of easy makeup looks.

…but before that, take the time to know the basic essentials and useful tips that should make your makeup transformation a lot simpler.

Makeup Essentials for the Busy Women

Makeup Essentials for the Busy Women

Just like a lot of women who are in a rush, you’d wish to have beauty products that match your busy lifestyle and create visible results in no time.

In this section, you will find the beauty essentials that are designed to meet the needs of the busiest women.

#1. Day Cream with SPF

When in a hurry, this is a lifesaver that you should not omit from your beauty routine. It protects and moisturises the skin while reversing the signs of skin ageing. Perfect for that no makeup look as it helps make the skin look younger, fresher and with greater luminosity.

Verso Skincare Day Cream

From Our Shelves:

Verso Day Cream is a preferred choice if you want a day cream with SPF 15, plus retinol and Vitamin B3 that enhances the luminosity of your complexion.

#2. Dark Spot Corrector

If applying a foundation has become a tedious task but you can’t afford to go out with visible blemishes and dark spot, this is a must have that should take your worries away. Find a beauty product that can reduce the appearance of unwanted dark spots. Look for a natural makeup that you can safely use, regularly.

Dark Spot Fix by Verso Skincare

From Our Shelves:

This dark spot fix from Verso skincare is made to specifically address the appearance of minor and unwanted dark blemishes. With regular use, this natural beauty product will lighten darker patches caused by ageing, sun damage and past acne.

#3. Lipstick

It is such a wonder how the right shade of lipstick can easily brighten up a sallow complexion. You can even find a lipstick that can add a hint of colour on your cheeks the same way that it adds a vibrant shade to your lips.

Aura Multi-Use Classic Blush

From Our Shelves:

Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Classic Blush comes in a convenient colour stick that offers buildable coverage and takes you from sheer to bold with only a few strokes. This innovative 100% natural blush can bring beautiful results when used on its own or blended together. Designed to add colour to the cheeks and lips. Long lasting and works on all skin types.

#4. Mascara

Your eyes can have a huge impact on your look and if you have to leave the house, make sure that at least you have a jet black mascara with you to enhance your looks. However, avoid putting it in a moving vehicle for a clean and beautiful finish.

ILIA Beauty Mascara Nightfall

From Our Shelves:

ILIA beauty mascara is a natural makeup that can thicken, lengthen, and condition the eyelashes. It comes with 100% natural formula to suit even the most sensitive eyes while giving them added definition.

#5. Brow Gel

Your eyebrows frame the face and even when you only have little time, you need to give your brows some attention. Set its shape and keep them in place to ensure that you’ll look great all day without touching up.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Brow Gel

From Our Shelves:

Brow Expert Gel ‘Earthshine’ defines and moisturises with its sweet almond oil and Vitamin E. Aside from its antioxidant properties, ‘Earthshine’ tinted gel creates the illusion of fuller, thicker brows. Suitable for a multitude of natural brow shades.

Quick Makeup Fixes for the Busy Women

14 Quick Makeup Fixes for the Busy Women

1. Go for Coverage

People with dry, oily and acne prone skin can’t just go without getting the coverage they need. It is best to find a foundation that works to conceal imperfections. For minimal coverage, a sheer powder works well. On the other hand, a matte powder is the best option to get maximum coverage.

2. Emphasise Your Eyes

A nude coloured eyeshadow can bring out your eyes. Just wipe it across your lids to get the natural coverage you need. Finish with an eyeliner and a mascara on your lashes and your good to go!

Eye Emphasis

3. Make Your Lips Pop

A light coloured lipstick can give you a natural look, but you can opt for bolder colours if you want to stand out. Get more confidence by choosing a colour that compliments your skin tone.

4. Add Face Dimension with Your Eyebrows

On days when you have extra time, pay attention to your eyebrows as it can do wonders on how you look. Make it a point to shape your eyebrow and fill it in with a brow pencil or shadow as this will add dimension and expression to your face. The shape of your eyebrows must be suited to your face shape.

Eyebrow Shaping

5. Skip the Foundation

The skin has to look healthy and while a foundation can create the results you desire, this may not always be the best option especially when you lack the time–this is when a concealer comes to the rescue. Apply it under the eyes and on skin patches to hide imperfections. Finish up with a translucent powder to get that fresh look!

6. Get a Bronzed Look

You can get a bronzed look by quickly sweeping a bronzer across the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose bridge. This will give your skin a slightly warmer tone that blends well with your natural skin complexion.

Bronzed Look

7. Find Magic in Tinted Moisturiser

One of the secrets to an awe-amazing look is a healthy and glowing skin and now, you can have it by using a tinted moisturiser. Choose a natural beauty product that will not just give you a perfect complexion, but will also nourish your skin and keep it protected from the sun and pollution.

8. Hide Tired Eyes with Eyeliner

Lack of sleep and busy mornings is not the best combination as it can easily cause tired eyes. Remember that your eyes are the gateway to your soul and for sure, you’d want to make it look perfect. Remove the signs of tiredness by applying a thin line of eyeliner on your top lid and on the waterline of your bottom lid. Find a long-lasting eyeliner that can last all day without having to reapply.

Flawless Eye Makeup

9. Make Your Lashes Long and Beautiful

It would be a lot easier to pull off a good look with long and beautiful eyelashes. You can draw attention to your eyes without applying any makeup with falsies. Just choose the one that looks natural for that effortless charm!

10. Give Your Eyes an Instant Lift

You will look more vibrant if you can make your eyes pop. Even when you’re running out of time, it will take less than a minute to apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Make it a habit and you will easily draw attention to your eyes and gain more confidence.

Instant Eye Lift

11. Add Highlights to Your Face

A touch of highlighter goes a long way–especially in getting a vibrant look. Choose a skin highlighter that complements your complexion. Apply it in the corner of the eyes, the centre of your eyelids, arch of the brows and cheekbones. This will make you look more awake while enhancing your facial features.

12. Keep Dark Under Eye Circles Hidden

Flawless skin colour has a huge effect on your look and when battling with factors like weather, sleep deprivation, hormonal problems, you have to provide the right coverage for dark under eye circles. Use a concealer for your under eye and in the inner corners of your eyes for a brightened up look. For best results, apply with a small, flat brush and use your fingers to blend.

Conceal Eyebags

13. Perk Up Your Complexion

It is easy to look radiant all day especially by using the right blush that can add colour to your cheeks. Whether you prefer powder, cream, or gel, you have to find a formula that works well on your skin. Apply it on the apple of your cheek and towards your hairline. Use a brush or sponge to vertically blend the colour.

14. Define Lips Where Needed

Applying lipstick improves your look, but adding definition where it is needed can bring greater results. It is best to apply a lip liner that is one shade lighter than the colour of the lipstick. Finish with a soft gloss for flattering results.

Lip Liner Application

You may often find yourself in a rush when heading out, but this should not be an excuse to appear plain and boring. Master the art of makeup application and keep your beauty essentials within reach. There are ways to glam up in a matter of minutes and look as if you aren’t busy at all!

Got other makeup tips to share? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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