Exclusive Interview with Amly Botanicals’ Co-Founder, Kerry Moore

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Get exclusive insights from the co-founder of Amly Botanicals, a British beauty products range that use natural herbs and silver-rich spring water.

Expert Profile:

Kerry Moore, backed with her background in homeopathy and holistic health, has started a venture in 2014 together with Lisa O’Connor to offer a natural beauty range that can nourish the skin, without the nasty ingredients–thus, the launch of Amly Botanicals.

With an intense passion for natural beauty ingredients, Kerry has focused on providing beauty products that are not just effective, but also offers unquestionable purity. Amly Botanicals’ product range has become more remarkable because of the nature-derived ingredients that it uses, particularly the silver-rich water from which has become a staple in their beauty line.

Kerry Moore and Lisa O'Connor

Pure, fresh, natural and effective. There are so many reasons to fall in love with the brand and you will have more to discover about Amly and its co-founder through our exclusive interview with the influencer.

Exclusive Interview with Kerry Moore

Logo How would you describe Amly Botanicals? How does it stand out from other brands?

Amly is a quintessentially English brand. We literally spring from the beautiful English countryside and embrace the diversity of botanicals we have available to us. The name Amly is the name of the wildflower meadow where our silver rich water springs forth, it is also the Old English name of the farm. English by name, English by nature.

Logo What inspired you to create your own natural beauty brand?

Lisa & I have been friends for 15 years, with a shared passion for health, wellbeing & beauty. This lead us to look at the possibility of doing a project together.

My background is in holistic health & Lisa has a background in fine art. Lisa & her family moved to an idyllic organic farm in Sussex to pursue an ambition to live in a sustainable, organic way. They discovered this unique water source & we had this ‘eureka’ moment, let’s use this silver rich water to create a range of facial mists, blending with flower hydrosols & botanical extracts that had an affinity to the area.

Amly Botanicals

Logo What do you think is the biggest challenge that you have encountered while establishing Amly Botanicals?

There have been many challenges along the way, it is the nature of the beast. It took us 3 years to finalise the formulation. This was mainly due to both Lisa & I being incredibly particular about the ingredients.

We had a clear picture of what we wanted in the mists but also a strict list of what we didn’t want in there. This presented many challenges as some of the ingredients were ‘preserved’ with things on that list. This resulted in us having our own versions made specifically for us, all very time-consuming. The nature of the product being water based also presents many challenges, luckily we work with an utterly charming alchemist who remained patient & supportive throughout the journey!

Logo Silver-rich water is an important component of your beauty line. Can you share with us what makes it so special?

The water is very special, it flows from bedrock a 100m below an organic wildflower meadow in Sussex so it is very pure. It has high levels of ‘naturally occurring’ silver which means it is more ‘bioavailable’.

Silver is renowned for its healing, anti-oxidant & anti-bacterial properties which we felt made it the perfect base for a natural skincare product.

Amly Botanicals Silver Rich Face Mist

Logo Aside from silver-rich water, what are your top 3 favourite ingredients used in Amly Botanicals?

My top 3 ingredients would be:

  1. Linden Flower Oil, apart from its beautifully enchanting fragrance it has anti-inflammatory & soothing properties
  2. Horsetail reduces swelling, calms inflammation & supports tissue regeneration by feeding silica to the skin
  3. Rose quartz, helps minimise fine lines & wrinkles, calms redness & encourages a peaceful, healing energy

Logo With the range of natural beauty products, what would you consider as the top benefits that can be achieved by regularly using Amly Botanicals?

The 2 mists have different roles, they both, however, are made using the silver rich water, used regularly this provides your skin with the protective benefits of the silver, antibacterial, antioxidant & anti-microbial.

Radiance Boost has the added benefits of hyaluronic acid to boost moisture levels & plump skin, also skin perfecting copper & pea peptides to help build collagen.

Digital Detox has powerful marine actives which boost skin strength and hydration, also Himalayan & Magnesium salts which purify & protect from environmental stresses.

Logo What was the most remarkable feedback that you got from the people who used your product?

We had the most overwhelming response to our first mist, so many people fell in love with it’s ‘intoxicating’ fragrance and how it makes the skin feel & look. We now have a loyal following which honestly fills us with delight. We have just released our second mist to great reviews so it will hopefully become another favourite.

Amly Botanicals Founder

Logo As a beauty expert, how do you see the future of the natural beauty industry?

We feel we are part of a much bigger movement not only in the beauty industry, but in everything. Consumers have become much more discerning & knowledgeable about how they live their lives, products they use & how that affects both us & our environment.

I only foresee this continuing & growing which can only be a good thing.

Logo If there are natural beauty tips that you’d want to share our readers, what are those?

As a holistic practitioner, any beauty tips I would give would be to look at your lifestyle choices & how they are impacting on how you look. Things like diet, exercise, exposure to toxins, sleep quality, stress levels all have a huge impact. It can be overwhelming looking at all the information out there so keep it simple & make small changes, a little at a time. Smile & be kind to yourself.

Kerry Moore Interview

Logo Lastly, are there new product launches that we can expect from Amly in the near future?

As mentioned we have just launched our 2nd mist Digital Detox, we will be releasing our 3rd mist in September, more news on that to follow.

We have other products in development which we are also very excited about, watch this space…..

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