Exclusive Interview with Ann Gérard – Ann Gérard Parfum

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Ann Gérard Parfum combines the beauty of two worlds, jewellery and perfumes. We interviewed Ann Gérard to dig a little deeper into her fascinating career and designs.

Logo  How did you first become a jeweller?

Since I was a little girl I have always loved jewels and used to get special jewellery for birthdays and presents. My Grandfather was also a sculptor so I had access to all the materials that I needed to make jewellery early on. I then went on to study in Belgium and in 1994 I started my own brand and designed for a few other jewellery brands.

Jewellery Collection

Logo  How would you describe your jewellery designs?

I would describe them as quite timeless. I like very modern pieces that you can wear all day. I think jewellery such be comfortable, you are not suppose to feel it is there.

“It has been a dream come true to get to make perfumes that I love.”

Logo  What was your first experience of perfumes that inspired you to create the company?

At first perfume was only a passion of mine, something very personal. I then met Bertrand Duchaufour, who is now my perfumer, as he was one of my clients. We then became good friends so when I had my jewellery exhibition in 2010 I decided to create an perfume to support the exhibition, we created Cuir de Nacre. I had no marketing, no packaging, just a scent that I loved and when the exhibition was over. I thought it was such a pity to not use the perfume further so in 2012 I launched the perfume collection and have kept going since.

ANN GÉRARD PARFUM cuir de nacre

Cuir de Nacre, Extrait de Parfum, 60 ml

Logo  Did you have a favourite scent growing up?

I have so many favourite scents but when I was a child I loved Chanel No. 5 as it was my mother’s perfume.

“Both perfume and jewellery are the inner part of you that you show to people.”

Logo  For you, what is the connection between perfume and jewellery?

The skin, both are connected to the skin and I believe that perfume is invisible jewellery. They are both beautiful and say something about your own personality.

Logo  What inspires you when creating a product, either a jewellery design or perfume?

Inspiration is a strange thing, I get my inspiration from life, from nature and from architecture. It is everything that is around me. I would also only design or create something that I would wear myself, this is very important.


Ciel d’Opale, EDP, 60 ml

Logo  What inspired you to create your latest perfume, Rose Cut?

I wanted to create something very powerful but also feminine. The perfume is very long lasting and sexy so that you can wear it all day with hints of rum and oakwood. It is very velvety and the rose notes are smooth which is exactly what I wanted to created. Rose Cut is for someone that knows what she wants. I imagine that she smokes and drinks and is very powerful.


Rose Cut, EDP, 60 ml

Logo  What do you believe perfume and jewels can do for a woman?

I feel it can empower you and boost your confidence. They are both pleasures that you can have in your day and that will communicate for you. Both perfume and jewellery are the inner part of you that you show to people.

“I like very modern pieces that you can wear all day.”

Logo  Do you have a favourite perfume or piece from your collection?

That depends really, I wear all of the perfumes and I only wear jewels from my personal collectionthat I have created for myself, so it really does depend.

Logo  What do you believe is the signature to Ann Gérard products?

I think it is what is written on the cap ‘parure secrète’ which means secret adornment. This goes back to revealing part of yourself.

“I wanted to create something very powerful but also feminine.”

Logo  What has been the biggest challenge so far?

I think all the legislation and paperwork in launching a perfume, there are so many regulations.

ANN GÉRARD PARFUM perle de mousse,

Perle de Mousse, EDP, 60 ml

Logo  What has been a highlight for the company?

It has been a dream come true to get to make perfumes that I love. In the future I hope to create more and more. Most importantly I would like to take my time to create and make something really special.

Logo  Can you describe Ann Gérard products in one sentence?

It is all about the skin, both jewels and perfume link to the skin to portray your soul.

Ann Gerard Parfums