Clever Hacks to Make Your Lip Plumper

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A lot of women these days desire to have fuller and luscious lips. But if you have kissers that are thin or not too plump and have failed in supersizing them,don’t give up. There are actually simple but clever hacks that guarantee to make your lip plumper!

Not all people are blessed with lips that are similar to that of the Jenner’s. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything about it. This isn’t even about dumping heaps of lipstick on your lips nor taking the much-talked about lip challenge. You could actually do better than that.

Want to know how? 

Here’s an infographic from Alyaka that features some of the most clever hacks to make your lip plumper–including the unconventional methods, as well as the smart ideas that will make your beauty tools work to help you in achieving that beautiful pout!

How to Make Your Lip Plumper

4 Unconventional Ways to Make Your Lip Plumper

1. Apply Peppermint Oil

There are two ways to use peppermint oil to make your lip plumper. First, you can follow direct application of peppermint oil on your lips. Second,  you can mix it with your lip balm to make your lip plumper and add a shiny finish.

TIP: You can also combine peppermint oil and honey to create your DIY lip plumping serum!

2. Use a Minty Toothpaste

The toothpaste you use everyday can help you achieve plumper lips. Using your finger, apply a small amount on your lips, as if you’re putting a lipstick. Voila! 

3. Spice Up with Cayenne Pepper 

Cayenne Pepper has the burning sensation and spice that can irritate the lips and make it appear plumper. This is most appropriate for people with a high tolerance for spicy foods, though.

TIP: It is advised to use cayenne pepper with olive oil. Vaseline can be used as an alternative that also works well to make cayenne pepper stick to the lips.

4. Get Your Wasabi Fix

Craving for Japanese food? Well, you can have it and make your lip plumper as well. If you can’t tolerate cayenne, wasabi is a must-try to make your lips more luscious!  

IMPORTANT: Make sure to check if you have allergies to certain ingredients before trying these lip plumpers.

Don’t think that you’re daring enough to try the unconventional ways to achieve plumper lips? 

Here are a few makeup tricks that guarantee to define your lips and make them look fuller–minus the guesswork!

Makeup Tricks to Get Plumper Lips

Exaggerate with a Nude Liner 

A nude lip pencil is a must-have in your beauty arsenal if you want to make your lip plumper. You can exaggerate its shape by drawing over its natural shape.

  • With your nude liner, draw lines to exceed the borders of your natural lip shape.
  • Rub lips together after applying the liner and once again, after applying lipstick.
  • If edges appear sharp or harsh, soften and spread the edges with Q-tips for a natural look.

Plump it Up with a Sugar Scrub

Give your lips a dash of colour and added volume. Another must-have in your beauty stash is your sugar scrub. It helps get rid of dead skin cells while facilitating improved blood flow to your lips.

  • Use a toothbrush to scrub the sugar scrub to your lips.
  • Finish with a moisturiser for best results.

Apply a Concealer

Want to give your lips a 3D effect? Give concealer a try! 

  • Choose a concealer that comes in a lighter shade than the one you normally use.
  • Apply it to your lips for added emphasis.
  • Don’t forget to blend and buff as this will help you remove sharp lines. 

Top Up with a Lip Gloss

One innovative way to make the lip plumper is with a lip gloss. Add a layer of a lip plumping gloss to get the added volume that will make your lips look fuller.

You’ll never run out of options when in search of a lip plumper. For sure, the beauty aisle will offer you with lots of stuff that can promise you fuller lips without the need for trial and error!

Having thick and plumper lips is just a few tricks away and you might even be lucky to find the tools you need in your very own beauty arsenal. Why deal with the mess and inconvenience you may experience with unconventional methods? You can always choose the safer route by experimenting with your ever dependable makeup!

Alyaka has a huge selection of lip plumpers with safe and high-quality ingredients. Choose from a range of natural and organic beauty products that can answer your beauty needs.

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