What Causes Wrinkles? The Answers You Least Expect Revealed!

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Have you recently stared at the mirror and noticed fine lines or creases on your skin? You could be looking at wrinkles.

Wrinkles know no age and they appear even among young people or those in their early 20s. They come in different forms and you’d be surprised to know that wrinkles can actually be formed due to reasons that you least expect!

Want to know what causes wrinkles? Read on to dig deeper on what wrinkles are and how they are formed.

Facts to Know About Wrinkles

What Causes Wrinkles: The Facts to Know

  • Regarded as a natural occurrence among aging people, wrinkles are most visible in areas that are often exposed to the sun.
  • The appearance of wrinkles is more evident among fair-skinned people who are frequently exposed to the sun.
  • Genetics is a factor in the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. But that’s not all. Smoking, as well as pollution, contributes to skin wrinkling.
  • Wrinkles may not be that alarming when they appear as nothing more than lines on your skin. However, they may turn into deep crevices around your neck, mouth, or eyes.

While you may think that you already know a lot about wrinkles and there’s nothing more about it, you’re wrong. For instance, did you know that wrinkles have different types? 

If you’re starting to feel clueless, read on to know their forms along with the factors associated with each.

Types of Wrinkles

4 Types of Wrinkles

1. Dynamic Expression Lines

Also known as ‘fun lines’, dynamic expression lines are commonly found on the forehead, eyes, and mouth. These wrinkles start as creases and appear as a result of repetitive facial muscle movements.

Major Causes:

  • Squinting
  • Laughing
  • Frowning
  • …and other facial expressions

2. Permanent Elastic Creases

These wrinkles are initially presented as crease lines and are often found on the cheeks, base of the neck and upper lip. As you age, however, they turn into permanent wrinkles.

Major Causes:

  • Sun and UV damage
  • Smoking
  • Exposure of skin to chemicals and carcinogens

Did you know?

UV rays causes the release of free radicals in the skin. This results in the loss of skin firmness due to the break down of collagen and elastin.

3. Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids

Commonly found on the face, but may also be present on any parts of the body, like the chest. These types of wrinkles are those that disappear when the skin stretches out.

Major Causes:

  • Sun and UV damage

4. Gravitational Folds

These wrinkles come with age and occur as a result of the loss of skin firmness and elasticity.


People with plumper face and thicker skin may worry less about these wrinkles since gravitational folds are more prominent among people with lean faces or those with thinner skin. 

Bad Habits | What Causes Wrinkles

Bad Habits to Break: The Least Known Causes of Wrinkles Exposed

After learning the types of wrinkles, you might be more interested to know their causes. While a lot of attention is given to sun exposure and ageing, there are other factors that contribute to the appearance of wrinkles.

Raising of Eyebrows

Did you know that this habit can actually result in the formation of wrinkles? The next time you apply eye shadow or mascara, refrain from raising your eyebrows to prevent the formation of lines on your forehead.

Raising of Eyebrows | What Causes Wrinkles

Staring Down at Your Device

Most likely, you have already heard of the ill effects of the excessive use of phones and how detrimental it can be to your health. But probably, you didn’t know that it can cause wrinkles, too. Tech neck is the new term that refers to the lines or wrinkles around the neck that manifest as a result of prolonged hours of staring down at your handheld phone or when reading posts, messages, or emails.


Are your prescription glasses already outdated? You need to get a new one. Aside from possibly worsening your eye problems, this may become the reason for you to squint more frequently. When that happens, there is a greater tendency for wrinkles to appear around your eyes.

Squinting | What Causes Wrinkles

Pursing of Lips

The creases or folds around the mouth occur because of smoking. These wrinkles are also formed among people who habitually purse their lips. In fact, the tighter you purse your lips, the deeper the wrinkles tend to be.

Drinking with Straw

In recent years, the use of straw has been discouraged as a sustainability measure to protect the environment. However, aside from that, there’s another reason for you to ditch the straw when drinking. This act can lead to the development of wrinkles around your mouth as a result of the repetitive contraction of the muscles that surround the lips. 

Drinking with Straw | What Causes Wrinkles

Eating Too Much Sugar

One culprit that causes wrinkle formation is sugar. When you obsess on foods with high sugar content, the higher the chance for your skin to suffer from premature ageing. When ingested, sugar goes through the process of glycation which binds it to the body’s proteins–including collagen and elastin. This process weakens the proteins and eventually contribute to wrinkling formation. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is important to ensure optimum health. While you may already know that lack of sleep can lead to unnecessary weight gain, did you know that it can also lead to wrinkle formation? The reason behind this has something to do with the failure of the skin to remain hydrated. This happens as a result of the alteration in your skin’s pH.

Wrong Sleeping Habits | What Causes Wrinkles

Sleeping in the Wrong Position

When it comes to wrinkle formation, it’s not enough to get enough sleep, as mentioned previously. It also matters to maintain a sleeping position that can prevent wrinkles. ‘Sleep lines’ become visible when you sleep in the wrong position. They present themselves as creases on the skin that remain even after you get up.


According to The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), to reduce wrinkle formation, it is advised to sleep on your back. The wrinkles on your cheek and chin will be formed if you sleep on your side while you can get furrowed brow if you sleep with your face down.

Protect Skin Against Wrinkles

The Skincare Ingredients that Can Guard Your Skin Against Wrinkles

Prevention is always better than cure. You’ve heard it before and it still applies in managing wrinkle formation.

The ingredients present in the beauty products you use play an important role in managing the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. Here are some of the best anti-ageing ingredients you need to help reduce the chances for your skin to suffer from premature aging!


As one of the major causes of wrinkles is sun damage, you’ll need antioxidants to get the much-needed protection. They help prevent damages caused by free radicals and facilitate cell repair. They can help maintain a younger-looking complexion by rebuilding the skin’s collagen and elastin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Skin dryness is one of the major causes of wrinkles and fine lines. With the help of hyaluronic acid, your skin is able to retain more moisture to plump skin and make it supple.


A derivative of vitamin A, this anti-ageing ingredient facilitates the turnover of new cells and helps get rid of dead skin cells. It helps in exfoliation while also facilitating collagen production.


These help restore collagen in your skin to make it more firm and supple. These amino acids make up collagen. By making sure that you’re using beauty products with this skin protein, you can be sure of having added protection to fight off wrinkles.

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Wrinkle formation knows no age. Whether you’re in your 40s or early 20s, you need to beware of the habits that may lead to premature skin ageing.

You may not know it but the simple habits you see as harmless actually contribute to the onset of skin aging. Break those habits now and be mindful of the solutions, as well as what to check in beauty products so you can enjoy a younger-looking complexion for a longer time!

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