Winter Alert: Most Horrible Beauty Problems to Address this Season

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As temperatures drop, the number of weather-related beauty problems persists. With all the events happening this season, you wouldn’t want to be caught in your worst state. So if you’re worried about the effects of the cold breeze, binge-eating, and nights when you have to stay late, here’s an infographic that shares some of the fixes that guarantee to make you feel and look good throughout the season.

10 Beauty Problems You Need to Solve this Winter-Infographic

10 Beauty Problems You Need to Solve this Winter

1. Skin Dryness

Aside from the harsh weather, the humidity in homes also tend to be low resulting to skin dryness and peeling. This mainly occurs as a result of moisture deprivation.


  • Choose a moisturizer with an emollient formula and those containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid that can help with moisture retention.
  • Make use of natural body oils to moisturize and retain skin softness.

2. Dull and Tired Skin

Once skin has dried and peeled, a dull, pale, and tired-looking complexion is revealed–taking away the vibrant glow that makes you ready for any holiday party.


  • Choose makeup with a natural shade to add life to your dull cheeks. Foundation and highlighter can also give your skin a radiant glow.
  • Apply a face cream that can help preserve skin moisture and prevent dryness.

3. Winter Rash

Appears as an unpleasant rash that is usually caused by dead skin cells that block the pores. This eventually leads to a dry and flaky skin accompanied by itching.


  • Use body exfoliators and scrubs but limit use to 2-3 times per week.
  • Moisturize regularly! For maximum absorption apply it after toning.

Did you know?

In an extremely cold environment, you have to do more than just cleanse, tone and moisturize. For optimum hydration, settle for face masks and overnight treatments.

4. Red and Itchy Skin

Blushed skin that may be accompanied by itchiness can cause discomfort. This usually occurs in winter due to cold wind and low humidity and may even affect the nose.


  • Find relief from itchiness with products infused with natural ingredients such as green tea and chamomile.
  • When going out, you can use a concealer to hide skin redness particularly on the face.

5. Rough and Wrinkled Hands

Even young women can get hands that will make them look older than their actual age especially with the rapid changes in temperature. Adding to that is the use of gloves that can negatively affect the hands.


  • Never miss applying a lotion. Reapply as needed or after handwashing.
  • Even as you go to bed, apply a hand cream to boost your hydration overnight.

6. Chipped Nails

Aside from your hands, the cold also causes nails to become brittle and easy to break–factors that contribute to chipped nails. This unsightly condition can cause discomfort and sometimes pain.


  • Use a nail moisturizer with protein and collagen to keep nails hydrated, supple, and strong.
  • If necessary, use a nail hardener that can protect your nails from chipping and breakage.


Achieve better results by using moisturizer with sunscreen. Remember, even when the sun is out, you’re not totally free from the harmful effects of UV rays..

7. Cracked Heels

Lack of moisture is one of the most common causes of cracked heels. Skin dryness can also build up on your heels or the soles of your feet which may also lead to chapping.


  • Prevent buildup of hard and dry skin by scrubbing or using a foot file.
  • Heel balm is an effective remedy that can retain moisture in your heels moisturized.
  • Wearing socks at night also helps lock moisture.

8. Watery Eyes

You’ll have trouble keeping your eye makeup, mascara and eyeliner on with watery eyes which usually occur along with the cold weather. Aside from that, this can also result to redness and itchiness.  


  • Avoid smudges and keep your eye makeup on with a good eye primer. Use it as a foundation that you’ll apply under the eyes to keep your eye makeup on.
  • Keep eye drops ready to be relieved from redness and itchiness.

9. Chapped Lips

Your makeup won’t be complete without the perfect lipstick and you cannot achieve that with chapped lips. This condition is especially common in winter and aside from the environmental factors, the skin on the lips is sensitive. Without the right remedies, it could easily ruin your overall look.


  • Lip balm should be a regular part of your beauty regimen to prevent chapped lips.
  • Aside from using lip balms, opt for a natural lip scrub that can exfoliate your lips.


Shea butter, vitamin E, almond oil, jojoba oil and beeswax are some of the ingredients to check when choosing a good lip balm.

10. Dry and Lifeless Hair

Another common beauty mishap that occurs in winter is a hair that’s dry, lifeless and usually accompanied with a dry scalp. During this busy season, having a beautiful hair is an edge that can make you standout.


  • A hydrating shampoo and conditioner can improve the condition of your hair, especially when massaged onto your scalp.
  • When styling go for creams and avoid hair products with alcohol content like gels and hairsprays.
  • Don’t wash your hair as often as you do in summer to control moisture loss.

Don’t let your winter beauty woes keep you from enjoying the celebrations this holiday season. The cold weather should not really bother you, especially with some helpful remedies to follow.

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