15 Fashion Essentials to Complete Your Winter Outfit

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The cold days are here again, which means it’s that perfect time of year to bust out the boots and sweaters to create the perfect winter outfit. The frosty air is definitely a factor to consider when it comes to picking what to wear. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw on something bulky and unsightly to get around. With the right fashion essentials, you can get around in the chilly weather in style.

Transform your look with a trendy seasonal getup. Here are 15 fashion essentials that you need to complete your winter outfits.

Winter Outfit for Women

Winter Outfits for Women: 15 Essentials to Own

Closet Must-Haves

To create any stunning winter outfit, you would need these basic style go-to’s that make for a seasonally fashionable look. 

1. Knit Sweater  

Sweaters are snug, chunky, and stylish little must-haves when it gets really chilly in winter. Pair it with the right accessories and jeans to complete a classic casual winter look.

Style Note: If you’ve got one handmade by granny, then there’s all the more reason to wear it during holiday visits!

2. Winter Coats

Need some extra warmth? Layer any top with a thick winter coat over a simple outfit as a signature piece that’s both chic and cosy.

3. Turtleneck Top

When it comes to winter fashion, you simply can’t take turtlenecks out of the list. These season staples look great under sweater coats, dresses, and go incredibly well with jeans or leggings.

4. Flowy Dress

Dresses are a must-have year-round. But with a cute structured coat or a sweater layered on top, long flowy dresses stand out in the cold winter breeze while still keeping you warm. 

Style Note: Short figure-hugging dresses paired with knee-high boots make a great winter outfit as well!

5. Leather Skirt

Bring a little edge to your winter look with a short leather skirt. You can make this stylish outfit a lot comfier with stockings and a pair of boots. 

6. Leggings

If you’re planning to stroll down the streets in the cold, then wearing a pair of leggings will help you strut through the freezing weather with confidence and ease.

7. Cardigan or Button Up Sweater

Layer any plain top with a cute and soft cardigan or sweater for a casual winter outfit. These can even be layered on top of other sweaters to battle the harsh weather.

8. Jeans

This fashion staple can make great cameos in winter outfits if you’re accessory-savvy. You can wear jeans with almost anything, but they’re especially perfect when matched with a great pair of boots this season.

Seasonal Accessories

No winter outfit is complete without the right accessories. Top off your look with the right accessories that complement the rest of your seasonal ensemble.

9. Scarf

Winter is the season that scarves were made for! Whether it’s a wrap-around, a part-time shawl, or an infinity scarf, this accessory is a must when the weather gets too chilly.

10. Beanies

With a matching coat, beanies make a classic winter casual look that you can vibe with when out in the cold.

11. Dangling Necklaces

Sporting a plain shirt? Necklaces can add just a hint of sparkle to your outfit, especially when layered on top of one another. 

12. Bourrees 

Bourrees are a cute hat to sport when a beanie can’t seem to match your outfit. They make a great addition to a look that you want to look classier.

13. Structured Bags

The top bag picks of the season are structured handbags that work well with all types of winter outfits. From croc-embossed styles to dumpling bags, a little bit of structure in accessories can tie the whole look together.

14. Boots

Hang up the sandals and open-toed shoes in this frosty weather. Keep your feet warm with a pair of fashionable boots, the trendiest choice of footwear this time of year.

15. Winter Gloves

Most ideal for those snowy days that are just too incredibly freezing, gloves are that one accessory that literally comes in handy for winter. You can have them colour match your outfit or have them in mismatch to make them stand out. 

5 Basic Tips to Winter Styling

1. Layering is Everything

You don’t have to stick through possible frostbite for the sake of fashion. With the right layers on, you can still look trendy without looking bulky. Here is just the simple guide to layering up:

  • Layer 1: Turtleneck, dress, or long-sleeved blouse
  • Layer 2: Sweater or cardigan
  • Layer 3 (optional): Coat
  • Layered accessories: beanie, scarf, and boots

TIP: Aside from your clothes, you can complete your winter look through makeup layering. Choose your tool and follow the steps to ensure that you’ll get it done right!

2. Stick to Monochrome and Muted Colours

Let the neons and bright pops of colour take a back seat this season. Monochrome and muted tones are the ideal colour schemes for winter fashion.

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3. Go for Dramatic Lip Makeup

For winter makeup that will work for this time of year, focus on the lip and keep the rest simple. Go with a bold colour if you’re looking to stand out.

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4. Wear Pointed Toe Shoes

Shoes that have pointed toes can make anyone appear much taller than they really are. Since winter isn’t really the best time for stilettos, boots with this structure make great seasonal alternatives. 

5. Strategize Your Accessories

Adding way too many accessories can make you look like a coat rack. Not having any could leave you shivering. Make sure you have just enough on that will help tie the outfit together rather than just throw something on randomly.

While it is the perfect time to snuggle up at home and slip on the jammies, it doesn’t mean that you have to forget about style when you do get out on the town. So layer up in style and strut your stuff like the cold doesn’t bother you with a stylish winter outfit you can confidently wear.

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