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10 New Hair Color Trends That Guarantee To Make A Statement

Bored with your current hair color? It won’t be difficult to find hair colors to dye your hair with. The selection is usually huge. But a common dilemma would be finding the hair color that suits your personality and looks.

Need help?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a cue from the hair color trends and ideas that we’ve summed up in this article.

How to Find Your Best Hair Color Yet!

An effective way of knowing the type of hair color that compliments your complexion is by determining your skin undertone. It is important is to choose a color that blends naturally with your skin tone and can even enhance your features. Now, what you’d want to know is how to identify the type of skin tone you have.


  1. Do it barefaced! Completely remove all traces of makeup as it can affect the natural color of your skin.
  2. Use correct lighting. It is most ideal to check how a hair color suits you under natural lighting.
  3. Grab a blue or red shirt. Hold the shirt against your face. People with cool-toned skin looks great in blue while those with warm-toned skin looks best in red.
  4. Do a vein check. Inspect the color of veins on your wrist. Your skin has a warm tone if you spot greenish veins. People with blue or purple veins are those with cool skin tones.


Warm Toned
Neutral Toned
Has yellow undertones and green veins Has cool undertones and blue veins

Veins cannot be easily distinguished if green or blue

Gets tanned easily without burning

Easily burns and have trouble getting a tan The skin has neither pink nor yellow shades
Complements earth colors such as yellow, orange, cream and gold Complements blue, green and silver Complements any color


1. Living Coral Hair Color

Pantone’s color of the year is a shade that works great for almost every type of skin tone. If you love an orangey or pinkish shade, this is the best year to go for this hair color!

2. Sombre  

Say goodbye to ombre hairstyles, sombre is in! It adds a soft and blended look that’s definitely glamorous and flattering. Best of all, it is the go-to hair color if you want a low maintenance option.

3. Bronde

Perfect for the summer months, bronde is a hair color trend that allows you to get a lighter hair color without causing a lot of damage to it. You’ll also love how the highlights can accent and add dimension to your tresses.

4. Bright Blonde

This is the perfect shade for the spring and summer months as this hair color matches the blazing sun.

TIP: Rock it pretty by adding baby highlights to your bright blonde hair.

5. Espresso Hair 

Have you been planning to color your hair dark for so long? Now’s the best time to do it. Chocolate to espresso hair colors are trending and you won’t regret putting those shades on your hair.

6. Vibrant Reds 

Would you dare to go bold? Do it with vibrant red hair. The intensity of this hair color adds a dimensional effect. Absolutely eye-catching!

7. Mushroom Brown

Think dark hair is dull? Wait ‘til you get your hair colored with this shade. Mushroom brown creates a softer tone that livens up the hair.

8. Salt and Pepper Hair Color 

With platinum and silver hues dominating this hair color, people with cool skin tones can use this as a valid reason to try new hair color. Salt and pepper create a perfect blend to put a new take on white and grey hair.

9. Sapphire

Glam never goes out of style. If you want a color that’s elegant and dazzling, this is the hair color to wear.

TIP: Look even more gorgeous with curls that add volume to your hair.

10. Chocolate Mauve

Love pink and chocolate? You can enjoy both with this shade. Recently, this hair color became a trend as it offers a unique way for brunettes to get a new take on highlights.

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There’s a hair colour that suits your look and personality. Don the look you want and create a statement without damaging your hair with the range of hair treatment products from our range.

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