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5 No-Nonsense Habits To Keep Skin Hydrated Naturally

Keeping your skin hydrated, supple and radiant-looking could all depend on your habits. And if by now you feel that your skin is in dire need of proper care, this infographic shares 5 of the no-nonsense habits to help ease your worries away.

5 Steps to Natural Skin Hydration

People with dry skin are the ones that are in dire need of proper skin hydration. But contrary to popular belief, oily skin isn’t any better than dry skin when it comes to your hydration requirements. In fact, even when your skin appears to be hydrated due to overactive sebaceous glands, the need for hydration remains unquestionable to prevent the overproduction of sebum on your skin.

So how do you keep problems with skin dryness at bay? Here’s a list to get you started.


Probably, water would be the first thing that will come into your mind when hydration is a concern. And although it may seem cliche, water remains the most effective in keeping your skin and body hydrated. A basic element needed by the body, water aids in:

  • Digestion
  • Excretion
  • Circulation
  • Absorption

When it comes to beauty, water is the one mainly responsible in keeping the skin plump and moist. To ensure that you are properly hydrated, it is advised to drink at least 10 glasses a day–and more, depending on weather conditions.


Weather changes impact the body in different ways. While you may associate humidifiers with a cool weather, it is actually useful for all seasons as it helps:

  • Relieve weather dryness brought by dry climate and conditions when humidity is low.
  • Restore skin moisture levels particularly in air conditioned areas.

Dry Skin Tip #1:

Exfoliate! Dead skin cells get stuck on your skin’s surface which prevents you from maximising the effects of the beauty products you’re using.


Improper use of skin care products can lead to broken and irritated skin. Being a delicate part of the body, choosing natural skin care is a must to provide the mildest yet most effective supplement for your beauty regime.

For best results:

  • Use a mild cleanser
  • Find a product that is suited for your skin type
  • Wash thoroughly to remove remnants
  • Pat don’t rub to prevent dry skin
  • Use a moisturiser while skin is still damp

Dry Skin Tip #2:

Apply moisturiser within 2 mins. after taking a bath. Remember, your skin is most porous at this stage thus better absorption can be expected.


A daily dose of fruit and vegetables is essential for your diet. Why? There is a proportional amount of water in these foods that can be absorbed by the body upon consumption. Aside from fruits, you can also boost skin hydration from other types of fluid-filled foods like soup and yogurt.

There are also different types of hydrating foods that work not only for your skin.

Potassium-Rich Hydrating Foods (eg. cantaloupe)

Create a positive electrolyte in the cells to support the kidneys, heart, and muscles

Sodium-Rich Hydrating Foods (eg. celery)

Replace the mineral lost through sweat and urine.

Magnesium-Rich Hydrating Foods (eg. broccoli)

Essential substances for hundreds of enzyme systems in the body.

Dry Skin Tip #3:

Skin care products with hyaluronic acid are the best treatment for dry skin because of their water holding property.


Essential oils are known for their beauty and wellness benefits mainly because of their hydrating and healing properties. Some of the most popular essential oils used in natural beauty products, include:

Jojoba Oil

With a composition similar to natural skin oil of the skin,this essential provides instant hydration to give the skin a radiant glow.

Rosehip Seed Oil

An abundant source of essential fatty acids, rosehip oil can penetrate the deep layers of the skin and can resolve issues with dry or oily skin.

Shea Butter

Known for its moisturizing effects, shea butter is concentrated with natural vitamins and fatty acids that further improve its nourishing and moisturizing effects while protecting the skin’s natural oils.

The cold weather and low humidity levels should not be an excuse for your skin to suffer from dryness. There are ways to win over this annoying condition and you can start by following the practices mentioned above.

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