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Beauty Steals From Hollywood’S Most Beautiful Celebrities

Perfection is expected of celebrities, and oftentimes they feel the pressure of looking ready for the camera. And with today’s high-definition devices, ready to put their faces under public scrutiny–it’s just amazing to know how they have managed to keep fine lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes, unnoticeable enough to always appear gorgeous!

While there are already high-end beauty clinics that promise a gorgeous look, it cannot be discounted that there are also beauty and makeup tricks that can work like miracles these days. Certainly, putting serious dedication to skin care and learning some feature-enhancing makeup and beauty products can do great wonders!

To help you achieve a look that is comparable to that of the most beautiful celebrities, here’s an article sharing some easy-to-follow beauty steals that will make you look like a real Hollywood star!

Beauty Steals from Hollywood Celebrities

#1. J. LO

Heads turn once she sets her foot on the red carpet. There’s no doubt that she’s one hot superstar that looks gorgeous on camera and in person. This beautiful celebrity has a look that you won’t fail to notice. One thing really astounding about J. Lo is her airbrushed look and bronzed glow.


Aside from a healthy lifestyle and staying ‘smoke and caffeine-free’, this Latina superstar owes her radiant glow to some of the best skincare and beauty products.

Here’s a revelation from Mary Phillips, a long-time makeup artist.

According to Phillips, J. Lo’s skin is prepped with Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum before applying makeup. Its organic botanicals and essential oils help improve complexion and give the skin a radiant glow.

As for her bronzed look, her bronzer in terracotta shades actually does the trick as she uses it to blend into her cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.


One of the celebrities blessed with great genes, this popular Victoria Secret angel is dedicated in using all-natural skincare for her beauty regimen. And at the age of 33, she already has her own line of beauty products.


In doing her makeup, she uses tinted day cream, which she applies with her hand to allow the formula to melt into the skin and achieve a flawless finish. She takes extra effort to define her lashes and brows to allow the eyes to frame the face.

According to Kerr, 3 coats of mascara is needed for better definition.  Her top pick is RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek. She uses a lip balm to finish her natural look and resorts to using RMS concealer when necessary.


It’s no longer a surprise for Julia Roberts’ name to appear among the list of Hollywood’s most beautiful celebrities. The American sweetheart has captivated people with her peaches and cream complexion and sparkling smile.


As a mother of three, she stays chic and glamorous by keeping her makeup clean and elegant.  Her look at this year’s Cannes Film Festival is a confirmation of her timeless beauty.

Want to copy the look? Here’s what you need to know about her makeup routine.

To even out her complexion, her makeup artist applied a layer of foundation before applying a blush with a pinkish-peach shade onto her cheeks for a natural finish. Her eye makeup was finished with silver and deep grey shadows to complement a deep grey eyeliner, generous coats of mascara and a  finished off the look.


Loved for her cool-girl style, Olivia is one of Hollywood’s hottest and most beautiful celebrities.  Aside from living a healthy lifestyle and getting adequate rest and sleep, good looks do not have to be complicated for this red carpet stunner.


As a renowned ambassadress of a famous beauty brand, Wilde has a lot of makeup tricks that you should take note of.

According to her, she doesn’t pile on her makeup and does nothing in excess to keep her look simple and clean–whether she is going to a red carpet event or during ordinary days. As for her makeup bag essentials, it’s basically composed of a good mascara, eyebrow pencil, lipstick and an age defying CC cream with SPF. She loves Vapour Beauty’s Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation and additionally, Olivia is able to make the rest of her makeup shine by swiping a coat of  to create a neutral pout.


Natalie has starred in several movies and has already won a best actress Oscar award for the movie, Black Swan. But aside from her achievements as an actress, she has become more popular because of her notable beauty. With combined American and Israeli origins, Natalie Portman stands out as one of the hottest and most beautiful women in the world.


Like ordinary people, Natalie has her own beauty dilemmas. Upon waking up, she has to deal with dark circles and eye puffiness and she uses concealer to address the problem. Though it doesn’t seem like it, Natalie has problems with curly and unruly hair–and being a mother to her kids, her beauty shortcut to tame it is to blow dry before sleeping or sleep with a wet hair. She has been using David Mallet hair serum and alternates it with Moroccan oil for an easy hair routine.

Love her curly lashes? She keeps it dark and full by focusing the mascara on the base of her lashes!


Megan Fox started her acting stint in 2001 and has gained worldwide attention, especially after The Transformers. At 30 years old, she is one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses and has become famous with her unique style and glam.


Portman is one of the actresses who believe that in doing makeup, less is more–even on the red carpet.  She maintains a balanced look that preserves Hollywood glamour. Her eyes do the talking, and whether she uses mascara or a pile of falsies, she makes it a point to complement it with soft makeup. Her well-shaped eyebrows also get a lot of attention, and if you plan to imitate her arches, a dependable waxy cream eye shadow is what you’ll need.

Want to know the secret to her covetable lips?

She gives it a fuller look by applying a few strokes of rose gloss. As for her lipstick shades, she makes it a point to change their colours depending on her look. Orange-red lipstick is what she uses with fresh, dewy makeup, while she prefer deep wine-reds with smoky eyes, lustrous skin, and her signature sultry pout.


Marion Cotillard is one of Hollywood’s top calibre actresses.  The French actress has made it big in the silver screen. Apart from recognitions and well-received movies, she is also regarded as one of the most beautiful celebrities of her time.


Like most French women, Marion takes skin care seriously and is a vision of French sophistication. She owes her flawless skin to a beauty regimen that consists of natural and organic beauty products.

As for using makeup, she keeps everything balanced to still stick with her natural self. Play up your eye, with a little liquid liner and go easy on the rest of your face. Rock red lips, but pair it with a nude shadow and mascara. For Marion, it is still better to give a glimpse of your natural beauty than to go full glam–just like how she looked when she graced the Oscars wearing .


A true-blue California beauty, Jessica Alba is known as one of hottest models and actresses of television and film. With movies and magazine covers, there is no doubt that she is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful celebrities.


Jessica is known not just as an actress and a model, as the founder of The  Honest Company, she has managed to work really hard towards a clean, beauty routine.

She has been using organic beauty products and is a known fan of Vapour Beauty and among her favourites from the luxury organic makeup like are the Vernissage 3-Free Nail Lacquer and Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation.


A red carpet veteran, this Southern belle never fails to make heads turn. The American actress and producer who is now in her 40s is undeniably gorgeous and always has that awesome look to copy. She has always been an epitome of elegance and many people are surely curious on how she prepares for a night of glam.


Whether at the red carpet or on ordinary days with her family, Rheese has always looked amazing. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, she appeared with absolute glow.

According to her makeup artist, her skin was prepped and massage with a pure serum. A foundation creme in ivory colour and a concealer were also used to give her skin a dewy look. Her bright flush is the result of applying Kjaer Weis Blush in Lovely. She finished her look with a smoky eye, then added a lash line with a brown gel liner for better definition.


Regarded as the ‘sexiest woman alive’, Mila Kunis has won the hearts of many because of her incomparable style statement, natural beauty, and super-toned body. Her expressive eyes and sultry lips have become the envy of many women. Mila has earned admirers over the years and has become one of Hollywood’s hottest and most beautiful celebrities.


At the age of 33, Mila Kunis has become any man’s dream date. Apart from her exotic look, there are practices and products that contribute to her goddess-like appeal.

Her ‘no makeup’ look has become her trademark and is a firm believer that less is better when it comes to makeup. She prefers smoky eyes because of the irresistible appeal that it creates and often uses dark gray colour. For definition, she lines her eyes with kohl pencil and adds generous coats of mascara to her curled eyelashes. Of course, her look won’t be complete without her ‘signature’ sultry lips which she finishes off with a nude lip gloss.

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