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Best Perfume For A Date Night

Going out on a special occasion calls for the perfect dress, jewelry, shoes, makeup and accessories. You want to dazzle the night away, you wouldn’t want to wear no perfume at all or wear the wrong fragrance that could turn your date off. Scents which are alluring also leave a memory for the night, you will be sure to remember for years with each time you wear a special perfume.
Whether you’re going on an anniversary date or a first date, this intimate occasion calls for a sensuous scent which will bring your date closer to you. A signature perfume will make a huge impact on your overall look. If you’re searching for the right scent, consider these fragrance families the next time you choose a date night perfume.

Tantalizing Woody

Woody perfumes have depth and dimension to the scents and will often contain sexy and lingering aroma for a prolonged duration. The earthy tones include warm notes like patchouli, amber, sandalwood and oak moss. These sensual tones are best for cold nights during the winter season since the scents will remind you of a damp forest or an open fire.

A feminine woody perfume is the Londoner W1X Fragrance, the alluring blend of tantalizing undertones of sweet vanilla and warm woods blended with overtones of jasmine, violets, and blooming iris. The scent is the perfect combination of warm tones mixed with earthy floral.


If you’re looking to feel fresh with your fragrance, look no further than then floral fragrances. These perfumes are best for maintaining an alluring and cheerful tone. As one of the more popular fragrance family, Floral blends bouquets of jasmine, rose, white peony, gardenia, and tuberose. The subtle and fresh tones are often warmed with a touch of spice or fruit for a soft finish.

For a soothing floral perfume, the Ineke Balmy Days & Sundays Fragrance combines the sweetest, softest smells of fresh-cut grass, newly bloomed honeysuckles, and dapples of sunshine. This distinctive scent will tantalizes your senses for a fresh scent that will make your date feel calm and comfortable.


The modern fruity fragrance family is perfect for the summer date night, these tend to be a lighter tone than most floral fragrances. Fruity perfumes are filled with clean, crisp, zingy and effervescent tones such as tart berries or lush tropical fruit. These tones are very flirty and perfect for a fun date night, or even a lunch date.

A sensual yet sweet scent of fruity uniqueness is the Teo Cabanel Julia Parfum. Splashes of sandalwood and violets suggest natural loveliness, while crisp jasmine and musk exude inner strength. The heart notes from Julia contains hyacinth, jasmine and violet leaf with base notes of citrus, incense, musk, raspberry and sandalwood for that fruity mix of delicate tones.

These perfumes are perfect for the next date to make your night one to remember.

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