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How To Create A Flawless Red Lip

There is nothing more timeless than a red pout. A bold red lip can be worn all year around, from special events to a romantic date this look can be worn for a memorable night out. While it may seem easy to apply a red lipstick, a red lip color can be tricky to achieve a flawless final look. With such a bold and vibrant hue, keeping it perfected all day with a few tips will keep your lips looking kissable. These useful tips will help you pick the right shade of red and the important steps in creating your lip look to keep it lasting all day without feathering on your skin.


To start with a flawless red lip, you need to pick the right shade of red that flatters your skin tone. With plenty of options to choose from, balancing your red lip is key to help make your teeth look white and your smile even brighter.


For skin tone which has a pink undertone and is fair, a deep cherry red like the Ellis Faas Creamy Lips In Blood Red will make your lips pop and your skin look impeccable. Your choice of red lipstick should have a pink tone to flatter your skin.


If your skin tone leans towards the bronzed complexion, a bright red lip color like the Ellis Faas Creamy Lips Bright Red will make your skin look gorgeous. Avoid wearing deeper shades to prevent your look from appearing too tanned or too deep.


With deeper to tanned skin tone, shades of deep maroon or wine are perfect to flatter against your complexion. Bold and strong shades like the Ellis Faas Milky Lips Dark Blood will look gorgeous paired with your natural skin and make the lipstick color pop.


  1. Exfoliate

Before applying any lip makeup, exfoliating your lips is the best way to create a smooth canvas. Most lip colors will exaggerate the smallest fine lines. Exfoliating your lips with a mixture of sugar and olive oil will help remove any dead skin and leave them softened for lip makeup.

  1. Lip Aid

Hydrate your lips is after exfoliating them for best results, use the Sans [ceuticals] Lip Aid as a luxury treatment for lips. The natural lip treatment with smoothing properties will create smooth and supple lips. The Lip Aid will stimulate cell regeneration and recovers parched lips.

  1. Lip Lining

With smooth lips, begin your red lip look with a lip liner to create a barrier for your lipstick to cling onto. A lip liner should be the same shade to make the outline of your lipstick smooth and perfect. Most creamy red lipsticks will feather out of your natural lip line causing a mess, a lip liner will prevent it.

  1. Color it Red

Take your lipstick and apply it starting from the middle of your bottom lip then blend it out to the corners. Take your time and apply thin layers and then slowly buildup the pigmentation if need, the more layers you apply the higher the chances of it feathering out of your lip line. Use the Kjaer Weis Lip Brush and apply it onto the corners of your lips. Take a tissue and blot off any excess!     Try out these tips to help you create the most effortless red lip that will last throughout the night for a stunning makeup look!

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