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Complete Guide To Niche Perfumes

25 Things You Might Not Know About Niche Perfumes

Niche perfumes brands have grown in number and in the past few years, there was a significant increase in the number of stores that sell these luxury fragrances. Industry analysts reported that slowly, small niche perfume brands are already stealing their market share from the £17 billion fragrance industry.

As the trend continues, perfume aficionados must take time to familiarize their selves with niche perfumes, as well as the little-known facts about them.



Niche’ is the term coined to describe rare types of perfumes. Niche perfumes exude an interesting and special kind of scent that is difficult to find. Yes, they usually come with a high price but nevertheless, perfume aficionados found great value in every drop.

In the past years, there has been a tremendous increase in ‘niche’ perfumery making way for exciting new names in the ‘elite’ fragrance market.  Niche perfumers have gotten bolder and daring in trying fresh fusions of fragrances, taking inspirations from events and experiences to inspire others.

Today’s concoction of the purest scents in niche perfumes tell a story and evoke memories through your senses.



Niche perfumes are available in limited quantity while designer perfumes are mass produced. This means that people who choose niche perfumes are entitled to wear exclusive and original scents that is totally unique from what ‘common’ people usually wear.

Niche perfumes are also more focused on preserving the original scent and do not use packaging and advertisements as their selling points. Niche perfumers are very strict in using higher concentrations of perfume extracts and more natural ingredients to create an awesome sensation and one of a kind experience each time the fragrance bottle is opened.


Designer perfumes, on the other hand, are the majority of scents that are available in large retail and department stores. These fragrances are labelled as mainstream scents and are commonly launched by fashion houses.

Although designer perfume brands lack exclusivity, one of their main selling points is affordability. It is undeniable that niche perfumes are priced way higher than designer perfumes. For a person who simply wants to smell great, there is a wide selection of designer perfumes in the market that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Designer perfume brands appeal to masses not only because of their price but also because of the extensive promotion they get. Advertisements for designer perfumes are funded and celebrities are used as endorsers to make a mainstream perfume brand truly remarkable.


In the battle between designer and niche perfumes,  both options come with strong selling points making each one a worthy option. But still, the question remains. Should you take the switch from designer to niche perfumes?

The answer actually depends on your personal preference and standard. It’s a clash between common and unusual. A choice between ordinary and special. As choosing your scent can tell your story, you are in the best position to know what suits you best.

Still undecided if you should you take the switch from designer to niche perfumes? Here are some points that you should consider.


A simple trip to the mall will treat you to a wide selection of designer scents. Niche fragrances, on the other hand, have now become more accessible with more boutique perfume houses and niche perfume stores online.


Designer perfumes may appear as the runaway winner when it comes to cost because of their comparably lower price than niche perfume brands. But assessing further, niche perfumes may not be too pricey especially if you will look into quality and lasting scent that it offers.


Your choice of scent is crucial in choosing between niche perfume and designer perfume. Your preference usually depends on how you want to use your fragrance. Do you want to simply smell great? Or do you want to smell great and be remembered because of your unique scent? There is a wide selection of designer perfumes that come in a range of scents, the problem is a lot of people are already wearing them. If you want something unique and more personal, you’ll find niche perfumes a worthy choice.

25 Things You Might Not Know About Niche Perfumes:

1. Niche perfumes were already available even before designer fragrances became popular. They were used by royal families and noble people with the likes of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I.

2. Niche houses are very diverse that categorizing them or defining their olfactive groups are usually very difficult.

3. Niche houses adhere to several basic principles in order to preserve its image that is very much different from mass perfumery.

4. The 1st principle of Niche houses is to have their own perfumer in charge of the fragrances of the house, just like it was in former days.

5. The 2nd principle of niche houses is to have a selective approach to the distribution of their products.

6. The 3rd and last principle of niche houses is to not recognize advertising, apart from, perhaps, magazine articles and interviews in prominent media. For them, a good reputation is the best way to promote their perfumes.

7. Among the most popular niche perfume scents are those that focus on a single note, particularly those with Rose scents and Vanilla scents.

8. The fragrances of niche houses can almost never be seen in shops that sell mass fragrance production products, or in big department store chains. Niche perfume brands are given greater shelf space at upmarket department stores including Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Printemps in Paris and Harrods in London.

9. Niche perfumery base their principles on the original definition of the word “niche” which means limited distribution.

10. There are factors that make fragrances qualify as niche perfumes, these are scarcity, non-ubiquity and specialization.

11. In order to become a qualified perfumer, training is made easier with training courses, companies and UK universities including Cotsworld Perfumery and Plush Folly.

12. Shiseido maverick art director, photographer and former Dior makeup director Serge Lutens were instrumental in launching niche perfumes when he inaugurated his personal fragrance line in the early 1990s at Le Palais Royal in Paris.

13. The year 2000 is another defining moment for niche perfumes when Frederic Malle, a Frenchman and the grandson of Dior perfumes founder by recognizing the efforts of those who work behind the limelight of niche perfume houses. 

14. The evolution of the Internet and the opening of specialized boutiques on non-French and non-Italian places allowed a dedicated audience to be acknowledged by experts who could guide them according to their taste unlike the assistance of salespeople from marketing or promotion department stores.

15. Today, the selection of niche perfumes is greater than ever covering every genre from all naturals lines, cult projects, luxurious offerings and avant-garde brand.

16. Boutique artisanal perfume studios whose production is on a much smaller scale, and whose presence in mainstream retail stores is minimal or non-existent, are thus referred to as niche. These are the scents you might likely find at a perfume specialist or high-end fragrance boutique.

17. Trends in the niche perfume market show growth of 60% since 2005 while sales of high-end perfumes showed a decline.

18. Have you heard of Secretion Magnifiques? A niche fragrance launched in 2006 smells like blood, sweat, sperm and saliva to promote sensual pleasure.

19. Another interesting niche perfume is Paper Passion, a typical choice for bookworms with its scent that will remind you of paper, books, and even library!

20. Agarwood is one of the oldest and most expensive ingredients in the world used in making niche perfumes. Using a distillation process, it is mainly responsible for a truly different, modern fragrance.

21. Amouage, an ultra-exclusive niche perfume house founded by the Sultan of Oman is the most expensive fragrance line in the world.

22. Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood is one of the controversial niche perfumes as it specifically has a note that resembles the scent of a woman’s private parts.

23. Elizabeth I used to douse herself in perfume to mask the scent of sweat that is released whenever she had her chronic panic attacks.  In 2009, an eau de toilette with a delicate scent was released.  Elizabeth I comes in a bottle bearing the Queen’s signature and costs £25.

24. The Royal Arms Diamond Edition consists of a regal bouquet of rose, jasmine and sweet violet was created to honour Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee. It is an updated version of the fragrance created in 1926 to celebrate her birth. Six vintage crystal and diamond bottles have been made for this niche perfume and is offered for the royal price of £15,000.

25. The royal sweethearts, Princess Diana and Duchess Catherine have their personal favourites too. Princess Diana wore Quelques Fleurs on her wedding day, a floral creation of tuberose, jasmine and rose. Duchess Catherine, on the other hand, chose White Gardenia Petals for her wedding, which is a floral bouquet of lily, jasmine and gardenia.

Though there is nothing wrong in choosing mass-market designer perfumes, it is very uplifting to have a unique and luxurious scent that matches your personality in your perfume collection.

Introduce yourself to niche fragrance houses or niche perfume stores online to find exclusive fragrances that are made for the privileged few!




#1. Ann Gerard Parfum

Born out of the passion for perfume and jewellery, Ann Gerard Parfum offers a range of niche perfumes that tells the secret story of the wearer in the most beautiful way. This perfume is created to mirror your emotions and it comes in a luxurious packaging that creates an elegant overview of the perfume inside.

#2. Annick Goutal

A member of the French High Perfumery, Annick Goutal maintains its status as one of the remaining few houses that have its own in-house perfumers. To preserve quality and authenticity, this niche perfume brand makes everything in France, from the scents to packaging with the help of expert craftsmen that they employ. Annick Goutal is one of the Top 5 Perfume Brands at popular retail outlets such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

#3. Bois 1920

Bois1920 is a niche perfume brand built on the importance of families. These fragrances offer a tender, sweet, and lingering scent that tells a unique, beautiful story in a vivacious combination of scents. Artisan perfumers pour their souls into the creation of each fragrance, to come up with fragrances that reflect the beautiful personalities of creative and imaginative thinkers.


BYREDO is a niche perfume house in Sweden that creates a combination of unique cultural references from South Asia. Its founder having Indian roots, make distinct scents that combine Eastern and Western influences.Though the materials in making their scents are sourced from various parts of the world, they preserve the quality of their scents by making and assembling them by hand in Sweden.

#5. Evody

Evody is the result of a mother and daughter tandem, giving each perfume the scent that exudes genuine love and bonding. Famous for its energising notes of citrus and flowers, plus strong kicks of tingling spices, Evody niche fragrance is sure to entice your senses.


Boasting of niche fragrances with scents that trace back all the way to 17th-century France, CIRE TRUDON preserves its royal reputation and remain in vogue as in the old times. This niche perfume brand is being represented by top luxury fashion agencies and retailers from various parts of the world.

#7. Histoires de Parfums

Histoires de Parfums offers a range of fragrances that bear the names of years pertaining to historical events and people, as well as stories that surround nature to bring back memories and express emotions. This niche perfume brand has an ever-expanding collection that you will have a lot of options to choose from.


Bringing unique concepts to the fragrance industries, Imaginary Authors help tell your story. The basis of each perfume is an imaginary book that is beautifully written by an imaginary author. This niche perfume brand offers 7 gorgeous scents that are thought-provoking and evocative.


Recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most expensive perfume, Clive Christian is definitely one of the niche perfumes that speak of its value.  Their top perfume is nonetheless a perfume that is fit for a royalty as it is housed in polished Baccarat crystal with a five-carat diamond and 18-carat gold collar. It is also said that it takes at least half a year to achieve the “perfect” scent they want. Exclusive for private connoisseurs to add to their collection, Clive Christian remains on display at distinguished places like Harrods London and Bergdorf Goodman.


Ineke offers fragrance collections that were particularly designed to be adored, desired, and loved. Ineke is a sweet-scented perfume that brings back your fondest memories, bearing whimsical names that are meant to provoke your thoughts. Ineke brings romance, passion, sincerity, and beauty into convenient, beautifully aromatic bottles to create a scent that will make you unforgettable.

#11. Jovoy

Jovoy brings back the luxuriousness of the Golden Age of Style. Assertive, individual and sophisticated, are the words that describe this unique collection. Jovoy fragrances are especially suited for confident and successful women who love to be in the spotlight.

#12. Jul Et Mad

Jul et Mad brings to you the luxurious, beautiful notes of romance, passion, and desire in a single whiff of this sweet-scented perfume. Incarnating seduction and love, Jul et Mad celebrates the beauty of true love that two people might share in various stages. Jul et Mad niche perfumes bring in a bottle the scents that can make one yearn for, long for, and crave the touch of their lover.

#13. Liaison de Parfum

Liaison de Parfum captures the essence of France with French fragrances that are handcrafted down to perfection. Liaison de Parfum exudes effortless scents with intermingling aromas that are complex and overlap in the most beautiful ways. Inspired by the four seasons of nature, Liaison de Parfum brings the best of winter, spring, summer, and fall.

#14. Creed

Its name is taken from its founder,  James Creed in 1700s Britain. This perfume house is privileged to be the supplier to Queen Victoria and other royal families. As centuries pass and generations later, Creed preserves its illustrious reputation by ensuring that all components are weighed, mixed and filtered by hand as they practice centuries ago.

#15. Londoner

Londoner is known for its mysterious and seductive image that encourage customers to try these unique fragrances from the first-hand experience. Sophisticated, elegant and lovely while keeping its packaging simple. Each Londoner fragrance has an evocative story to convey.

#16. Mendittorosa

Handcrafted from beautiful, complex scents that tantalize, entice, and intrigue your senses, Mendittorosa is a pleasure to experience. It offers unique combinations of varying undertones and overtones to complement your personal and fashionable preferences. We also love Mendittorosa’s concepts span back through centuries and retain their original history. It is by using raw and fine elements that these fragrances stand out from other brands.

#17. Olfactive Studio

Olfactive Studio niche perfume brand is known for its creativity and pure artistry. Believing in the power of artwork, Olfactive Studio brings visual or olfactive stimulation. With fragrances that use evocative, expressive ingredients and blended to perfection, it easily captures the essence of a photograph and gives its meaning through unique combination scents.


Jo Malone is founded in London and it prefers to be referred as the “Savile Row of scents” made to suit the one wearing the perfume by using layers of scents on top of each other, also known as “fragrance combining”. This phrase went so far and became a trademark of the brand for itself. Jo Malone is undeniably one of the most recognized perfume brands in the world now.

#19. Parfums D’ Orsay

Parfums d’Orsay are unique scents that translate into refinement, sophistication, and exquisite beauty. Each Parfums d’ Orsay exudes a sense of heritage and historic elegance that each of these fragrances seem to exude, with sweet scents that are lovingly handcrafted to perfection.


Joya is a Spanish word that means “jewel”. They used yo offer candles as the primary product they offer, but began producing fragrances later on in the same artistic spirit that popularised the brand. Joya is also known for producing 100% handmade products including their packaging.

#21. Teo Cabanel

Teo Cabanel is the product of tireless imagination to come up with the most captivating fragrances for the world to enjoy. These scents offers warmth coming from unique, personal scents within each fragrance. Teo Cabanel perfume collection includes scents of vanilla, rose petals, and Tonka bean.

#22. CB I Hate Perfume

CB I Hate Perfume is niche scent inspired by the idea of capturing your experience in a bottle. It offers individual fragrances that are as unique as the ones who wear them. Niche fragrances from Christopher Brosius are the ones to remember and love, as they express the art of perfume and life. They are elegant using boxes and bottles from laboratory equipment and materials from the artist’s studio. The packaging is meant to be simple yet creative to give more emphasis to the scents that are designed to be cherished and enjoyed.

#23. Parfums DelRae

Parfums DelRae is one of the most renowned brands to perfumistas around the world. Founded by DelRae Roth, these fragrances have the most important characteristics that exude originality and unsurpassed quality. The concentration of Parfums DelRae is at 17%-20%. It doesn’t use any coloring or preservative, thus assuring perfume lovers that they are able to enjoy a niche perfume that is of paramount quality! Parfums DelRae is luxury that reflects even on its packaging. It uses the finest French components, with labels and boxes that are beautifully engraved on European handmade papers.

#24. D. S. & Durga

D.S. & Durga fragrances and colognes are made with premium-sourced materials to reveal scents that you’d love to make your own. Manufactured in small batches at an exclusive in-house, you will easily fall in love with D.S. & Durga niche perfumes as they give greater emphasis on quality above quantity. With scents inspired from herbal wisdom, native rituals, lore and legends, and historical movements, these luxury fragrances will take you to a trip down memory lane! Wear D. S. & Durga niche perfumes to get a blast of history and have a taste of what it’s like to be in foreign lands.

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