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How To Choose The Best Beauty Perfume For Women

The intoxicating scent of one’s perfume will surely bring out your senses. From the rich fragrances of wood to something sweet and fruity- there are plenty of scents available in the market the problem is finding one that best suits your personality. With so many brands, it can become overwhelming to find your perfect perfume that’s not too sweet or not too warm.

When looking for your signature scent, consider looking into key terms labeled on each perfume. A few common term are ‘Chypre’, ‘Citrus’, ‘Floral’ or ‘Woody’. These important terms are referred as Fragrance Families which are categories within groups of scents which are similar. To pick and discover your favorite perfume, these tips are worth trying!



The first step is deciding which fragrance family your perfect scent belongs to. With so plenty of alluring and blissful perfumes to entice your senses, picking just one matches your personaity starts with narrowing your favorite fragrance family. This is the easiest way to pick and discover a new scent since the family name will be labeled on the perfume bottle.

From sweet and refreshing to warm and earthy, each perfume has different notes derived from fragrance families. To determine your favorite fragrance family, look over your favorite perfume and choose your next perfume based on its fragrance family.


If you frequently travel, it’s important to pick the type of perfume bottle to use if you plan on carrying it around or want to display it on your dressing table. Roll on sprays such as the Teo Cabanel Meloe Eau De Toilette Roll-On is easier to carry with you in your handbag while still maintaining a strong scent.

Spray perfumes is able to diffuses the scent into the air and while covering a larger body area such as your neck and decollete area. Roll on sprays have a stronger oil-based scent which will last longer on the skin. Depending on where you want to place your perfume, choosing one of these will give you more control over the exact placement.


You may not consider your skin type when choosing a perfume but if your skin is extremely dry or oily it can cause the perfume to fade quicker. Drier skin types will make the scent dissipate quicker compared to oily skin types where the perfume lingers longer. Choose a highly concentrated perfume on dry skin to have more staying-power.

If your skin produces a higher amount of natural oil, the oil will help the perfume oils to last on the skin longer to create a powerful scent. Where you place the perfume on the body will also affect how long it will last and evaporate.

Choosing the perfect perfume for women shouldn’t be a difficult task, these tips should be considered next time you shop for your signature scent!

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