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Why Choose Organic Beauty Balm

Healthy skin starts with a beneficial skincare regimen. The effects of environmental pollution, poor diet and unhealthy skincare habits can all cause detrimental effects on the appearance of our skin. Not taking the right measures to assure your skin is cleansed and hydrated will cause premature aging. Using pure chemical-free ingredients filled antioxidants and emollient properties will help the skin naturally rejuvenate. It’s important to look closely at the products you apply on your skin. How your skin reacts to each product begins with choosing organic skincare ingredients.
Organic Beauty Balms are created without the use of chemicals, silicones, petroleum, artificial dyes or fragrances which are the leading cause of irritation and adverse effects. Organic ingredients will help skin regeneration while gently exfoliating excess dirt and oil from the skin’s surface.


With plenty of products to nourish and cleanse the skin, keeping a simplistic skincare routine calls for an Organic Beauty Balm. The multi-tasking product safely removes heavy makeup and oil build up without stripping the skin from natural oils. Your skin will be left with a smooth radiance to treat patchy lackluster skin.
As a cleanser, the gentle beauty balm wipes away dirt, excess oil and makeup when massaged and pressed into the skin. To moisturize the skin, a thin layer can be applied on the face or body to hydrate and nourish dry spots. Leave the balm on overnight to relieve dryness.


Infused with gentle and effective organic ingredients the May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm calms the skin from irritation and sensitivity. As a cleanser, the beauty balm removes all toxins and bacteria from the skin to sooth and beautify your complexion. The soothing antioxidants rejuvenates and replenishes skin cells with ingredients such as carmelia seed oil, myrrh oil, fruit extracts, and lavender oil.
The balm provides enough hydration to nourish the face and entire body through its comprehensive composition of natural ingredients. Designed without fillers and synthetic ingredients, the formula releases a cleansing heat when smoothed over your skin.


Highly sensitive skin that are prone to reactions against harsh cleansers should choose an organic beauty balm. Enriched with unrefined ingredients to achieve the best results while being effective and gentle on the skin. Generic cleansers are often filled with harsh detergents and synthetic fillers that will strip the skin from natural oils which causes excess irritation and premature aging.
Antioxidants in organic beauty balms will helps cystic acne, Rosacea, eczema, or general inflammation without further causing sensitivity to the area. Plant derived oils and enzymes will deliver the essential nutrients that your skin needs to look healthy and luminous.

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