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Odacite – Elemental Skincare

Designed to make you feel like an alchemist in your very own home, the dainty bottles of the Odacite Pure Elements range really do seem to be little bottles of magic for our skin.

Containing nothing but pure, concentrated plant oils these ‘beauty shots’ are designed to be added to your existing skincare to boost the serums and creams that are already working for you… only now they’ll work even better.

Pick any concentrate you think your skin needs and then just one or two drops morning and night is enough to see a real difference. They can also be applied neat directly to skin for a concentrated dose and even quicker results.

We love that that this range is suitable for any and all, got a skin issue you’re struggling to treat? there’s probably a Odacite serum for that. From pimples to wrinkles and sagging skin to fragile capillaries, Odacite can help you out.

Our top picks:


So many spot treatments are crammed to the brim with ingredients that claim to banish blemishes in a flash, more often than not these treatments are harsh on the skin, packed full of toxic, drying ingredients and just make that pimple so much worse. The Bl [black cumin] + C [cajeput] Serum Concentrate is beautifully simple with only natural plant oils and for once, actually works. Black cumin seed oil is naturally purifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It works quietly to get to the root of the problem and really makes a difference to acne prone skin. Two drops mixed in with your moisturiser morning and night will have your skin singing it’s praises.


Perhaps our favourite serum of the bunch; Pa [papaya] + G [geranium] Serum Concentrate is a miniature miracle worker. If you suffer from any type of acne scarring, brown spots or uneven skin tone then this little serum is for you. Papaya oil is naturally rich in enzymes that break down the dead skin cells lingering on your skin, using just a few drops of this oil each night (we would skip morning use for this oil or make sure you wear a high SPF with it during the day) will quickly leave you with a refreshed and radiant complexion.


The most unique and targeted serum of the bunch, the Ba [baobab] + S [sarsaparilla] Serum is especially for the delicate eye area. It’s designed to soften, smooth and firm up the eye area, banishing those dark circles and softening wrinkles to leave you looking bright eyed every single day. Simply mix one drop with a dash of your usual eye cream (or use alone) and gently press the serum around the orbital bone. Easy.

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