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The Secret To Effortless Volume

Volume. The one thing we all crave that little bit more of and the one thing that’s the most difficult to get just right without a trip to the salon.

We often try hair products that promise volume and come away feeling disappointed, with hair that’s sticky from styling sprays, fluffy from a shampoo and conditioner duo that tries too hard or even greasy from a complete overload of product. Stumbling across Rahua Haircare was a game changer for us, effortless volume, glossy locks and no salon required.

The Rahua Voluminous Shampoo & Conditioner work in harmony together to transform hair from flat and lacklustre to hair that’s glossy, voluminous and healthy looking. Rahua use 100% natural ingredients to achieve their more than impressive results, with the shampoo using a herbal infusion of green tea and lemongrass to create body and bounce at the root, without compromising the integrity of the hair. The conditioner is packed full of nourishing oils and butters, including jojoba and ungurahua oil (this is the rare oil from which Rahua get their name) which is rich in omega-9 and helps to restore, moisturise and heal the hair follicle and shaft resulting is stronger, healthier hair.

Team this duo with the Rahua Voluminous Hairspray and those locks will never fall flat again. This product is extra unique because the longer you use it the better the effects and the fuller your hair becomes. The formula creates fibres in the hair – Rahua call them “fuzzy-fibres” and over time these fibres build on the outer layer of the hair and work to push apart and separate the individual strands, creating long-lasting volume (so long lasting that after use is discontinued the effects remain for up to six weeks!).

To use simply spray lightly from root to tip on damp hair and then blow dry and style as normal, finishing with an extra spritz to hold the finished look in place. Va-Va-Volume!

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