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Top-5 Organic Mascaras For Sensitive Eyes To Choose In 2020

Women have adored long and curly eyelashes since forever. Indeed, it adds an eloquent vibrancy to your look. Magnifying eyes are able to bring to heel millions of men. While people used kohl and burnt almonds to darken the fringe in ancient times, the invention of mascara has been making women’s life easier for about two centuries already. 

Today there are dozens of versatile mascaras. Some deliver a voluminous effect, while others lengthen eyelashes. Certain products combine both features! Alongside this, your favourite mascara is usually waterproof or tubular. Who wants to have a panda-look in case the rain is pouring?

All in all, the contemporary world of mascaras is constantly developing to ensure maximum volume and length and eliminate even minor inconveniences. However, the mesmerizing look may come at a price of health. If you have sensitive eyes, you understand what we are talking about. 

No curly eyelashes worth watery and stinging eyes. The powerful look will vanish the moment you get an itch or uncontrolled tears begin to come out. Even though it won’t kill or blind you (oh yes! Some women sacrificed themselves for the sake of the magnifying eyelashes), you will hardly be able to look gorgeous.

Luckily, there is a solution. The world has seen the emergence of special mascara for sensitive eyes. Don’t worry: the volume and length aren’t going anywhere. Alyaka has chosen the best products for all women to mesmerize men with luxurious eyelashes.

Alyaka: Your Intermediary in the World of Natural Mascaras

Not only those who have sensitive eyes need to choose a mascara carefully. It doesn’t mean that your health doesn’t suffer from poisonous ingredients if you don’t experience itch when applying a voluminous magic liquid. 

Long and gorgeous eyelashes come at a price of poisoning yourself with such potentially harmful substances as parabens, synthetic dyes, polybutene (a petroleum derivative), and many others. Luckily, there is no need to damage such a sensitive part of your precious body like eyes any longer. 

Sustainable cosmetics includes non-harmful natural-based mascaras. We, at Alyaka, consider it our mission to provide customers with harm-free products. We specialize in organic cosmetics only, whether it’s a moisturizing mask or a mascara. 

Speaking about the magical remedy for long and curly fringe, here are five best products for sensitive eyes. By choosing any, the attention of everyone around is guaranteed. 

  • Juice Beauty Ultra-Natural Mascara 

Juice Beauty Ultra-Natural mascara received an award from Glamour Magazine in the Natural & Organic category as the best mascara in 2017. The combination is impressive, indeed. Plant-derived Phyto-pigments take charge of feathery-soft look while minerals are organic substitutes of petroleum-derived components. All in all, certified organic ingredients make up more than 60% of the formula.

Nonetheless, a naturally-based, rich tube delivers an outstanding volume and length. You can create both a vibrant and subtle look. For a natural effect, one coat is more than enough. If you are up to get extra voluminous lashes, apply the mascara two or three times.

Another popular product is the Sweet & Safe Mascara from Absolution. With an hourglass-shaped brush and flower-shaped fibres, you can be sure that your eyelashes will be well-combed and long enough. The slim brush is ideal for reaching even the shortest and thinnest lashes in the inner corner of an eye. Therefore, thick hourglass-shaped fringe is guaranteed. 

The lifting effect isn’t the only benefit. The mascara contains 97% natural ingredients that are beneficial and nourishing. Among them such as Beeswax, Abyssinian oil, and Carnauba. Thus, the product delivers an eloquent look and nourish the fringe at the same time.

Kjaer Weis boasts a wide selection of mascaras. This very tube is ideal for a subtle everyday look. With the help of a magic wand, you can reach the effect of a long, thick, voluminous eyelashes in no time. Another benefit is that a smudge-free formula is long-lasting. Thus, it will stay put on your eyes as long as necessary.

To gain customers’ trust, Kjaer Weis has subjected the mascara to certification. It proves that the formula is organic and doesn’t contain artificial ingredients like parabens, petroleum, artificial fragrance or colouring, or petrochemical emulsifiers.

Natural is basically the synonym to the Limitless Lash Mascara ‘After Midnight’. Organic ingredients make up a quarter of the 99% natural formula. It’s nourishing and lightweight at the same time. You will find the components like shea butter, keratin (fortifying arginine), carnauba and bee waxes in the combination. 

One coat with the dual-sided brush is enough to lift and define the eyelashes. The lengthening and volume get more intense with the second and third coat. The long-lasting formula will stay with you all day. On the other hand, you won’t experience trouble removing it at night.

Last but not least is the Precision Mascara ‘Obsidian’. Its creamy and rich formula allows creating a vibrant look with defined long lashes with proper volume. The lifting effect contributes to a natural magnifying look suitable for daily routine. The mascara stays put for a long time regarding the weather. Since the combination contains plenty of waxes, the waterproof feature is guaranteed.

By the way, the formula of this mascara from Manasi 7 deserves a special mentioning. Alongside with the carnauba and beeswax, it contains nourishing oils like castor seed and sweet almond oils. How can we underestimate their beneficial effects for eyelashes?

Summing Up

As you can see, natural mascaras for sensitive eyes boasts more benefits, compared to the traditional ones. They deliver the same effect, making your eyelashes long, voluminous, and separated. 

At the same time, rich combination based on organic oils and waxes nourishes your lashes. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation. Your long curly eyelashes magnify the eyes of the everyone around, while the organic formula isn’t harmful but beneficial.

Health and well-being must always come first. Even if your eyes aren’t sensitive, they don’t deserve to suffer from artificial additives. 

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