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22 Easy Hairstyles For Busy Women


Have you been too busy that you already gave up on experimenting with your hairstyle?

It can really be a challenge for busy women to find time to maintain a nice hairstyle–especially for those who are engrossed with their jobs and tend to put their beauty looks on the least of their priorities.

However, not having enough time should not be used as an excuse to leave the hair dull and drab–especially when there is a wide range of gorgeous female hairstyles that can uplift your look, fast and simple!

Whether you want your hair down or if you are fond of updo hairstyles, this article sums up 22 easy hairstyles for busy women that will take only a few minutes of your time.

…but first, let’s take a look at the 2017 hair trends that you’ll most likely see everywhere!


Keep your curling iron and just work with what you have. Super sleek and satin-smooth strands are the best of basic hairstyles to wear in 2017. What’s great about this hairstyle is that it’s easy to recreate with a straightening iron. Don’t forget to finish off with a hair spray  to protect hair from heat and preserve its healthy and glossy appearance.


This hairstyle makes an elegant ensemble that is easy to do. Just slick your hair all the way up–wearing it rumpled texture or straight creates amazing results–with the bonus of uplifting your face, the tighter you secure it. Hold your ponytail with a styling mousse.


Bouncy and feathery ends are back and if getting the style remains a mystery for you, try using a round brush, a blow dryer, plus a  to finish off your look! Remember to blow dry while moving away from your face and not the usual movement of towards the chin.


Waves are in and you’ll have a blast whether you will wear it flat, tousled or beachy. If you are not in for a beachy or bouncy look, flat waves are for you. On the other hand, tousled is the low maintenance type of wave and looks great for any occasion. Lastly, beach waves are the perfect choice for those with long strands.


Have you tried the shag that was a huge trend in 2016 and were you ever bothered when it has already grown out? This year you wouldn’t have to worry about a grown-out shag because it is this year’s trend. Enjoy layers and bangs that have grown past your shoulders. Part it in the middle for a sassy look!


It’s time to experiment with a California simple hairstyle for girls. A simple side braid that is tucked behind, along with effortless waves on the other side make the perfect look. Strengthen strands and help hair grow by using daily hair drops.


A half updo will make noise this year and will be perfect to wear for a night out. You will fall in love with its simplicity that doesn’t lack the classy and elegant appeal. Use a  regularly for the best results.

22 Quick & Easy Hair Styling Ideas for the Women on the Go

Dealing with a bad hair day and finding yourself helpless most of the time? Worry no more. This section discusses quick and easy solutions that will give your tresses a range of fixes that you will love to wear all day long!


A top knot is the perfect ladies’ hairstyle of choice for women who want to beat the heat and keep hair off the face while giving the face a perfect lift.


Step 1 – Prepare an elastic and a hairpin to create the perfect top knot.

Step 2 – Using the elastic, tie your hair back on top of your head

Step 3 – Twist the hair into a bun. For a softer effect, let it loose on your head with a few strands falling out.


Busy women will be better off without hair getting out of the way and a trendy hairstyle like a side French braid will never fail in making a person look elegant and pretty.


Step 1 – Part the hair from the side of the head and divide it into 3 pieces

Step 2 – Work your way around the head while adding a portion from the inside to the braid.

Step 3 – Upon getting to the neck part proceed with the normal braid. Make a braid with the other section of the hair.

Step 4 – Twist the two sections of the hair, then pin it up at the back to finish the hairstyle.


This is one of the most popular hairstyles that has circulated these past years and it has been getting a lot of attention because it can be done fast and easy!


Step 1 Let hair fall to one side of the face. Grab two small pieces of hair at the hairline. Hold with each hand.

Step 2 – Start by braiding your hair, while twisting them so that one piece of the hair goes to the bottom while the other to the top. Continue moving with the bottom piece up, while the top piece down.

Step 3 – Keep the braid tight and continue so it goes from your forehead, around the right ear, towards your neck, the left ear, and then the forehead again. Do until the rest of the hair is done.

Step 4 – Finish off the crown by twisting the very end of the braid to make it rope-like. Tuck it underneath the existing braid and secure with bobby pins.


Want a twist to the braided crown? Switch to another awesome look with the braided ponytail in a jiffy!


Step 1 – Do step 1 to 4 of the braided crown

Step 2 – Instead of letting the rest of the hair down, pull it into a ponytail.

Step 3 – Secure with an elastic and you’re done!


Want to have a beautiful but effortless look? A fancy half-up is just perfect especially for those who prefer to wear their hair down and still be free from hair all over their face.


Step 1 – Take the very top layers of your hair

Step 2 – Divide into two, then fold left side over right side

Step 3 – Secure with two bobby pins, pinning them horizontally


Do you often have to deal with unruly hair and wants to keep a fancy look that you can wear even on ordinary days? The French twist may seem a complicated hairstyle, but in fact, it can be done in a few steps!


Step 1 – Create a mid-height ponytail by pulling the hair up with one hand. Form a letter “L” or backwards “L” with the other hand.

Step 2 – Reach behind the head so that the “L” you formed with your hand will turn upside down when you grab the top of the ponytail. Keep the ponytail in place by hooking it with your thumb.

Step 3 – Twist and turn your hand back upwards while looping the ponytail around your thumb to form the twist.

Step 4 – With the other hand, grab the looped ponytail, then slowly remove your thumb.

Step 5 – Start stuffing loose ends while keeping the position of the twist to create a cushion. Once done, secure with bobby pins.


Want to tie your hair into a bun with some intricate details? If you loved the messy bun but wants to work out a hairstyle that looks cleaner, the braided bun is a great style that you should try!


Step 1 – Create a small section of your hair from the front, then divide into three parts.

Step 2 Braid the hair once before starting a lace braid, adding new portion of the hair to the bottom part.

Step 3 Wrap your hair with the braid and use an elastic to secure it.

Step 4 – Create a messy bun with the rest of the hair, then fix with bobby pins as needed. Finish off with a hairspray.


Care to have a fun and flirty hairstyle?  No matter how busy you are, you can take on a stylish hairstyle. Bring out your vibrant side by putting your hair up in a stylish high bun–the hair bow!


Step 1 – Tie your hair into a ponytail to the part where you want the bow to be placed.

Step 2 – Pull the middle of your ponytail through the elastic, be careful to not pull all the way so that the tail of your hair will be pointed towards the forehead.

Step 3 – Spread the new bun evenly to form a half circle.

Step 4 – In the centre of the half circle, create a split by pulling the tail of the hair over the middle section. Secure it with bobby pins.

Step 5 – Spread the loops to fluff up the bow. Tug tighter to finish the bow bun.


Tired of the usual ponytail? Add a twist to it to create a hairstyle that is fun, stylish and easy to do!

Image Source: Fashion Rising


Step 1 – Tie your hair into a ponytail, at the level of your nape of your neck.

Step 2 – Loosen the ponytail near the neck and create a gap.

Step 3 – Flip the ponytail in between the sides you created. Repeat twice to create beautiful twists that can keep your hair off the face.

Step 4 – Finish the look with a hair spray.


Here’s a less complicated take on the popular French braid and is a good starting point for those who want to learn how that hairstyle is done. Moreover, it adds volume to the hair.


Step 1 – Create two sections up top and twist both up while adding more hair to the sections as you go up the twist.

Step 2 – Continue twisting your hair up until it reaches your temple.   

Step 3 – Twist the remaining strands of hair, but this time do it downwards.                                                   

Step 4 – Tie with an elastic and secure twist with a bobby pin at the point where you started the regular twist.                                                      

Step 5 – Pull out on the hair strands for added volume. 


Perhaps this isn’t the first time you heard about no heat curls as this hairstyle has been causing raves in the recent months. This is no longer surprising because for sure, anyone would like a fuss-free way to style up!


Step 1 – Part damp hair down the middle to create two sections

Step 2 – Braid each section tightly then secure with an elastic 

Step 3 – Let hair dry                                                   

Step 4 – Once dry, remove the elastic and let hair loose by unbraiding the hair.                                                      

Step 5 – Run fingers gently through the hair to create natural-looking waves.


What’s fabulous about this hairstyle is that you don’t need to be able to braid to complete this look!  Ta-da!  It’s hands down THE easiest hairstyle to date.  AND IT’S GORGEOUS!!  Oh, I was so excited when I learned how to do it!!  It might look a little confusing at first but just try it.  Also, it’s great if you have layers.


Step 1 – Part hair on one side then swoop over the shoulder

Step 2 – Divide hair into 2 sections and twist towards each other a few times

Step 3 – With about an inch of twisted hair, place the strands next to each other. Then with your index finger, push it through the stacked centre of the twists.

Step 4 – A braid stitch will be formed leaving you with 2 sections again. Twist them toward each other until an inch is left for twisting, then with your index finger push it sideways through the centre.

Step 5 – After 4 sections are done, pancake the top section of the braid while holding the strands together.

Step 6 – Repeat steps 3-5 until hair is finished. Secure with an elastic and bobby pins.


Here’s a hairstyle that lets the hair fall freely while keeping it away from the face. Moreover, it is simple and quick to do.


Step 1 – Start by grabbing one section of the hair just below the ear.

Step 2 – Braid across the head by pulling 1-inch wide pieces at a time

Step 3 – Pull portions loosely for a more natural and carefree look

Step 4 – Continue with the braid until you reach the bottom of your head or the starting point of the braid.

Step 5– Tie an elastic at the end of the braid, then secure with a bobby pin. Spritz with a hairspray to finish.


Create a stylish twist to the classic ponytail with the Jasmine ponytail that is fun to wear and easy to do!


Step 1 – Tie your hair into a ponytail

Step 2 – Grab the hair and tie another elastic to form a bubble.

Step 3 – Tug and pull the hair in between the elastics for a fuller look!


Keep it simple and flaw-free! The perfect ponytail is a sure way to create a clean and comfortable look that you can wear all day. An absolute classic that doesn’t go out of style!


Step 1 – Comb or brush to untangle hair

Step 2 – Put thumb and forefinger around the hair that you’ll tie into a ponytail

Step 3 – Determine the spot where the hair will be tied (high up, middle, or lower part of the head)

Step 4 – Secure with an elastic. Tighten to keep your ponytail in place.


Love the classic ponytail, but wants to add flair to your look? Add a twist to the usual pony by trying the formal ponytail. Simple steps can bring astounding results for your everyday updos for long hair.


Step 1 – Detangle hair with a brush then direct strands towards your back

Step 2 – Add a small amount of gel from hairline to your pony’s base to tame flyaways and at the same time add shine to your hair.

Step 3 – Set hair into a low ponytail, then secure with an elastic

Step 4 – With a sliver of hair taken under your pony, wrap around the elastic to achieve a stylish finish.


Create a nice hairstyle that you can do on your own. Beach wave adds a beautiful texture to your hair and offers a refreshing take on your normal hairstyle.


Step 1 – While hair is damp from a shower, part hair into 5 sections

Step 2 – Twist each section until they feel tight and come close to the head

Step 3 – Leave hair until it dries up. Use a hair dryer if time is a concern

Step 4 – Loosen hair and enjoy your natural beach waves!



Step 1 – Pull 2 sections of your hair in the front.

Step 2 – Create a loose pony at the nape of the hair, then turn it into a bun

Step 3 – With the 2 sections of hair from the front, cross them over at the back to make an effective and effortless design

Step 4 – Finish the look by pinning your hair into a bun


Choose a flattering way to uplift ordinary hairstyles. Here’s a new way to set the hair into a low ponytail complete with sleek styling!


Step 1 – Tease and section the hair into 3, part in the ear with 2 sections in front and 1 at the back

Step 2 – Gather the hair at the back, position it on the side and secure with an elastic

Step 3 – With 1 section of the hair from the front, wrap it around the elastic. Repeat with the 2nd section and secure with a bobby pin and hairspray

Step 4 – Want an alternate look? Create a bun with the ponytail by folding it and securing with bobby pins underneath.


Defy gravity with this upside-down look. Flip your hair over and start a Dutch braid from the bottom up. Once you reach your crown, get right-side-up and twist it all into a messy bun.


Step 1 – With the hair tipped upside down, grab 3 strands of your hair.

Step 2 – Do the Dutch braid (cross outside strand under middle strand when braiding hair), then secure with an elastic

Step 3 – Pull hair into a ponytail. Again, secure hair with an elastic

Step 4 – Wrap hair into a messy bun and keep it in place.

Step 5 – Add volume to your hair by pulling apart the braid strands.


Experienced lazy mornings when a complicated hairstyle just won’t work? Worry no more. With the low, loose bun, you can be as beautiful as you want to be without the complicated steps of a funky hairstyle.


Step 1 – Pull hair up and set low into a small bun

Step 2 – Pull loose ends up and around the ponytail holder to create a bigger bun bigger with fun spikes

Step 3 – Twist and tuck hair that comes out of the bun into a hair tie

Step 4 – Add volume by pulling and tugging the crown


Surely, for the busy women who want to keep their hair down and long, there is a hairstyle that will suit their preferences and lifestyle. Twist and pin is a simple hairstyle to do but has a huge impact on your looks.

Image Source:


Step 1 – Take an inch piece of hair from one side.

Step 2 – Twist it with movement away from your face

Step 3 – Secure the twisted section of the hair with 2 bobby pins. Place the 1st pin diagonally and then the 2nd towards the opposite direction to create an X.

Step 4 – Use a hair spray to securely finish the look

A busy lifestyle is not an excuse to forget about looking good. As much as you put much attention to regular skin care and body care, your crowning glory also deserves your time. Good to know, even with only a few minutes of your time, these easy hairstyles can make you feel comfortable and look gorgeous–all day!

Want to share these quick and easy different hairstyles for ladies with your friends?

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