Beauty Tips and Tricks: Look Your Best in Time for Christmas (A 3-Part Article Series)

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Christmas is the most anticipated time of the year and now that you’re only a few weeks away from the day when you will be reunited with loved ones and acquaintances, have you taken the time to assess if your beauty routine is able to keep up with your needs?

Has Your Beauty Routine Already Taken a Backseat?

Although Christmas is a lovely season, there are also changes in the weather that can be detrimental to your skin–much worse, affect your overall look.

And if you are one of the people who hasn’t switched yet to a new beauty routine that is suited for the season, you may already be dealing with skin and beauty issues that you’ll definitely want to get rid of–especially, in time for the celebrations that are definitely happening in December.

So, How Do You Start?

Getting your glow back doesn’t happen overnight. But Alyaka wants to make it easy for you.

We have prepared a beauty transformation guide that can restore your glow in less than 3 months.

In this article series, you will find clever beauty tips and tricks to follow, along with the right beauty products that won’t disappoint you!

Seasonal Beauty Dilemmas Seasonal Beauty Dilemmas

Part 1: Dealing with Beauty Dilemmas Brought by the Season

The change in season only means it’s time for some changes to your beauty routine. As autumn brings drier weather before eventually turning cold, you may already sense some unwanted changes that do nothing good on how your skin looks and feels skin.

With the skin dilemmas that you are experiencing, what should you do?

First, here are some of the basic reminders that you should follow to put your beauty routine on the right track:

    • Make sure that a humidifier is up and running in your home, especially when you turn on the heat.
    • Hot showers must be avoided, no matter how cold the temperature is. If you must, turn the heat down and finish quickly.
    • Hydrate. Drink often and more.

Certain habits need to be adjusted in order to counter the effects of the cool and dry weather that can take a toll on your skin. But apart from that, there are also beauty tips and tricks that you have to keep in mind to maintain a radiant glow in spite of the weather.

To guide you further, below are some of the tips to help you deal with your beauty dilemmas this season.

Christmas Beauty Dilemmas

Beauty Tips and Tricks to Overcome Your Beauty Dilemmas

Usually, it is the face that takes the brunt of the weather. And as the weather changes and slowly gets colder, it is best to take the necessary actions before problems occur.

To help you deal with the beauty problems that you may encounter this season, discussed below are some of the most common beauty dilemmas along with important beauty tips and tricks that will help you on your beauty journey.

Beauty Dilemma #1. Dehydrated Skin

It is during this time when the face appears drier and it would be best to replace lost oils and moisture using the right products.

Dehydrated Skin Problem

What to Do:

While most people prefer moisturisers for their face to be relieved from dryness, it is important to choose the right facial cleanser in order to prevent stripping off your skin’s natural oils.

It is also advised to gently pat the face with a soft towel after cleansing and before applying serums and moisturisers to get maximum benefits out of your regimen.


  • Lina Hanson Global Face Serum is the ultimate skin hydrator that can maintain your natural your skin glow while keeping it balanced. Suited for all skin types and ideal as a makeup primer.

Lina Hanson Global Face Serum

  • Earth Tu Face facial serum is easily absorbed into your skin and penetrates  the deepest, most damaged cells to heal, hydrate, and replenish. It overflows with organic oils and antioxidants that work to improve complexion over time.

Earth Tu Face Balance and Nourish Face Serum

Beauty Dilemma #2. Dry, Cracked Skin

Dry, cracked skin is especially common in the hands because this is the part that is often exposed to harsh elements and washed more frequently than the other parts of the body. During the cooler months of the year, the condition worsens, and sometimes, even the nails and cuticles become brittle.

Dry, Cracked Skin

What to Do:

Dry, cracked skin can be treated through regular application of a good hand cream and using a natural foaming wash for added care. Using gloves for extra protection will also help.


  • Grown Alchemist Vanilla and Orange Peel Hand Cream is packed with active moisturising botanicals and comes with a non-greasy formula. Can be used all over the body, but especially works to deal with rough skin, cuticles and nails. Makes a good massage for dry feet, knees and elbows.

Grown Alchemist Vanilla and Orange Peel Hand Cream

  • Absolution Le Soin des Mains Hand & Nail Cream nourishes and repairs using an organic formula that has a delicious citrus scent. Provides light protective barrier for your hands, strengthen nails, while fighting age spots, ageing and redness of the hands.

Absolution Hand Cream

Beauty Dilemma #3. Roughness

The feeling of rough and dry skin can be very irritating and this can even lead to itching which causes added discomfort.

Skin Roughness

What to Do:

This is the time when your body can use some exfoliation. Apply a body scrub and use a body brush to do this. It is best to direct strokes away from the heart, towards your fingers and toes. Concentrate on the rough spots , while applying scrub in gentle strokes.

For best results, you can use bath oils for your water and make it a habit of moisturising right after taking a shower or while skin is still moist for an added boost.


  • Rue de Marli No. 27 Foaming Bath is a bath-time favourite that has an amazing fragrance and infused with vitamins and minerals. It combines plant-based essential oils that rehydrate, replenish, and refresh the skin to make it smooth, soft, and glowing.

Rue de Marli No. 27 Foaming Bath

  • ILA Spa Body Scrub is formulated with argan and rosehip seed oil to detoxify and stimulate circulation, to uplift the mind and body. It nourishes the deepest layers of the skin while gently exfoliating to leave a skin that feels silky and smooth.

ILA Spa Body Scrub

Beauty Dilemma #4. Dull complexion

During the cold season, it is much harder to maintain a fresh-looking skin. But you can start with habits that can keep your skin from drying out.

Dull Complexion

What to Do:

Basic things like opening a window will allow moisture into the room to keep your skin from drying out. While hydrating by drinking lots of water can help improve your complexion’s tone and appearance.

It is also important to keep in mind that dull complexion is the result of dead skin cells. Slough them off by exfoliating with products that use natural and active ingredients.


  • Brad Biophotonic Ultra Peel Exfoliating Gel is packed with a healthy dose of Glycolic Acid, and a healthier punch of Bearberry and Licorice Extracts, for a luxuriously rich and well-nourished skin.

Brad Biophotonic Ultra Peel Exfoliating Gel

  • Zelens Micro-Refiner Bi-Active Exfoliator is a multi-tasking exfoliator that moisturises, buffs and renews skin without stripping its essential moisture. Leaving the skin polished and with a healthy glow.

Zelens Micro-Refiner Bi-Active Exfoliator

Beauty Dilemma #5: Chapped Lips

Persistent dry, cracked lips look ugly and can be very annoying. Many people experience it as soon as the new season unfolds.

Chapped Lips

What to Do:

To avoid having chapped lips and get protection from the chill, find lip products that contain natural waxes and oils that can offer the protection and nourishment for your lips.

While petroleum jelly may seem like a common option to deal with dry and cracked lips, it is time to ditch this option as it won’t help you as much as you think. Petroleum jelly is a by-product of the oil industry, making it incompatible for the skin. Using it for your lips will keep it from breathing and will actually add to the soreness and worsen chapping.


  • DE MAMIEL Rosey Lip Balm has a natural rose scent and a silky texture to soften lips while giving it a subtle shine and pinkish glow. It has a soft and waxy texture that heals chapped lips.

DE MAMIEL Rosey Lip Balm

  • Moss Lip Healing Treatment provides long-lasting protection. Makes use of 100% natural ingredients that are never before used in lip treatments to ensure that you’ll get noticeable results, plus the healing benefits that Moss is known for.

Moss Lip Healing Treatment

The season may bring harsh elements that will take a toll on your skin, but with the right products and the most clever beauty tips and tricks, you will be ready for the forthcoming Christmas celebrations!

What’s Next:

In the 2nd part of this article series, you will find more beauty tips and tricks that will teach you how to properly take care of your skin, hair, and nails. Regularly check out our blog to never miss a post!

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