Exclusive Interview with Elemental Herbology, The Ultimate in Skincare Nutrition

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Committed to bringing beauty products that promise holistic skincare, Elemental Herbology has never failed in providing treatments for a range of skincare concerns–and what made it more unique is its adherence to the five elements in order to provide nothing less than the ultimate in skin nutrition.

Expert Profile:

Louise Riby, the managing director of Elemental Herbology shares her insights about the brand that is known for the effective solutions it provides in treating the most common skincare worries while at the same time giving high regards to the five elements, such as wood, fire, water, metal, and earth.

Borne out of the theories of herbal medicine combined with science-based skincare, Elemental Herbology has come up with natural beauty products that suit a range of skin types and concerns. And throughout the years, as the brand paved the way for a wealth of high-performance products, it has maintained the use of natural actives effectively combined with patented innovations.

Elemental Herbology

If you have been wondering how it has been possible to combine the most innovative technology with natural botanicals, we’re putting an end to your questions through this interview with Louise Riby, that focuses on the brand that can bring awesome transformations on your skin and improve your wellbeing–Elemental Herbology.

Elemental Herbology – The Ultimate in Skincare Nutrition

Logo Elemental Herbology has come a long way with products that are recognised in the industry. Can you share a brief background on how the brand started?

Elemental Herbology was created in 2008 by Kristy Goodger Cimesa. Kristy had the forethought to create a brand that answers our modern day stresses based on the five element theory which has been around for centuries. We are all about finding a perfect equilibrium for your skin, body and most importantly mind.

Logo What makes Elemental Herbology standout?

We believe that you should switch your skin and body care seasonally as you would your food and clothes and our skincare collections reflect that.

Elemental Herbology Skin care

Logo Can you tell us something about the Five Elements? How will it help other people in maintaining a beautiful skin?

We are all made up of the five elements, and through lifestyle, stress, hormones, and diet they are always changing with one being in excess or deficient in some way, so our aim is to balance them.

Logo For the sake of the consumers who are interested in establishing individual skincare, how would you differentiate each of the five elements? Is there a specific element that you recommend for certain conditions?

  • Wood (combination skin)
  • Fire (oily or congested skin)
  • Earth (dull and devitalized skin)
  • Metal (for skin concerned with ageing)
  • Water (dry and dehydrated skin)

Logo You have expanded your relationship with leading spas. What would you consider as Elemental Herbology’s strengths to be able to forge such partnerships?

Our philosophy works so well in a spa as it reflects and resonates with modern day stresses, and our treatments are also developed to allow you to find your equilibrium. Our ethos around personalisation of both skincare and treatments is also something that our spa partners find increasingly important to make sure each guest has a spa experience unique to them.

Whole Foods Market

Logo Elemental Herbology has also expanded to the whole foods market. What has driven you to tap this industry?

We use many superfood ingredients such as Kombucha, Manuka Honey, Turmeric and oils such as Argan. This works well with the whole food market as the customer is very conscious of foodie ingredients and all their benefits. We believe that it’s important to feed skin from the inside out as well and the outside into a healthy lifestyle & diet go hand in hand with happy skin.

Logo How would you describe an ideal beauty regimen and how can people incorporate the use of your products?

One thing I won’t skip is double cleansing as skin preparation is beneficial and increases absorption of all products that follow. Using both serum and moisturiser is essential to provide the skin with nourishment while also protecting against environmental factors. We have a variety of serums and moisturisers to use depending on your skin types and the seasons. A night cream is also a must have to encourage skin to repair while you sleep. Facial Soufflé is wonderful for intensely moisturising while the Granactive Retinoid in Vital Glow encourages cell turnover.

Logo For sure, you’ve already heard a lot of feedback from your customers. Was there a standout comment that you received which inspired you further in developing your brand?

Many of our customers find out about our products through word of mouth which is wonderful as it shows they really work! We love hearing from our customers and always make sure that their needs come first.

Beauty Shortlist Awards

Logo If you could go back to the time when you were still young, what are the beauty-damaging habits that you’d definitely skip?

I would make sure I cleanse my skin every night and NEVER go to bed with make-up on. I would also make sure I wore a high factor sun cream no matter what the weather.

Logo Allow us to congratulate you as your products have been recognised in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018. Truly a much-deserved award. Would you like to share some tips for those who also plan to develop their own product line?

Trends are fleeting so it’s important to make products that you love. If you truly believe in what you’re creating then your passion will shine through.

It is a relief to know a brand that dedicates itself to the creation of natural skincare products using innovative technology to offer the best in skincare. Elemental Herbology is among the top beauty brands that address your skin needs–the way you want it to be taken cared of.

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