Falsies 101: Facts that Would Make You Want to Wear False Eyelashes

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Your eyes are the windows to your soul and if that’s the case, you’d surely want others to see beauty when they look into your eyes. Moreover, your peepers are the focal point of your face that putting enough effort and time to enhance them is definitely worth it.

One way that guarantees to bring noticeable improvements to your eyes is the use of false eyelashes. If you’re still holding back from using falsies, this article shares some facts that will convince you to wear them.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

Types of False Eyelashes

3 Types of False Eyelashes

Certainly, if you are curious about false eyelashes, you first need to know its types. They’re not just all about the bunch of falsies that you attach to your eyes. Clueless? Here are the interesting variants that you’d want to take a look at.

Full Lashes

Perfect for the queen who doesn’t mind adding a full strip that can add volume and length to her lashes that guarantee to draw attention to the eyes. With a range of full lashes available in the market, you can create outstanding effects that vary from subtle to full look.

Full Lashes

How to Apply?

  • Begin by measuring if it fits your eyes. Do this by placing the strip of full lashes onto the line of your upper lashes. Then, using a small scissor cut the part on the outer edge that doesn’t fit.
  • Once the right measurement is achieved, apply eyelash glue to the strip then let dry until a sticky texture is achieved.
  • Apply the full false eyelashes to your natural lash line and put them as close as possible. Use mascara as finishing touch.

Half Strips

These falsies come in the form of partial strips. Since among the variants of false eyelashes, these are the easiest to work with, half strips are most preferred by beginners or amateurs who are new to using false eyelashes. Also, ideal for those with close-set eyes as the volume of these falsies is concentrated on the outer part.

Half Strips Lashes

How to Apply?

  • Unlike full strip falsies, you don’t need to trim these false lashes to achieve the right measurement.
  • Start with the application of the eyelash glue to the strip. Let dry until a sticky texture is achieved.
  • Apply the half strip falsies, keeping them to your lash line as close as possible.

Individual Lashes

If what you’re after for is a more natural-looking lashes, the best choice would be individual lashes. These falsies can create an impact while making it appear like you’ve just used a lash curler or mascara and not wearing false eyelashes at all. You’d also want to know that while it may appear as if it’s difficult to use, individual lashes are actually very easy to apply.

Individual False Eyelashes

How to Apply?

  • Identify the portions of your lashes that will require more volume.
  • Using an eyelash curler and a mascara, curl your natural eyelashes.
  • Dip the individual lash into an eyelash glue. Wait until a tacky texture is achieved.
  • Apply the falsies into your preferred parts. Stick it into sections, as you prefer.
  • As a final touch, apply another layer of mascara to make the false eyelashes blend well with your natural lashes.


Use eyelash glue when applying falsies. While it may seem similar with a hair glue, it has a different formulation that is gentler and made specifically for the eyes!

But of course, knowing the types of eyelashes and how to apply them isn’t all you need to be convinced of wearing them. Below, we’ve listed the top reasons why you should not hold back from wearing these famous falsies.

Reasons to Wear False Eyelashes

10 Reasons to Wear False Eyelashes

1. False Eyelashes are Good for Your Natural Eyelashes

Aside from the impact on your look that it creates, falsies actually benefit your natural lashes. Unlike mascara that can make your lashes brittle and weak, false eyelashes act as an alternative to reduce the impact on your natural lashes, thus allowing them to grow thicker and healthier.

MYTH:  False eyelashes can damage your natural lashes.

FACT: They do not. It requires the correct and proper application to ensure that your false eyelashes will not cause any sort of damage to your natural lashes. Of course, while wearing one, you need to be careful to not rub your eyes that may cause the lashes to be pulled–both the falsies and the natural ones.

Wear-proof Makeup

2. Go for a Wear-Proof Makeup

During occasions when your emotions can be easily triggered, faux eyelashes can save you from getting your eyeliner or mascara streaked. This is especially useful when attending heartwarming occasions like weddings or when watching a tearjerking movie.

3. Choose ‘Less is More’

On days when you want to look great without putting on a lot of makeup, false eyelashes can save you. They add definition to your eyes and enhance them to draw attention to your best features by simply adding length and colour to your lashes.

False Eyelashes Material

4. Find a Material that Suits You

False eyelashes come in variants–you’re sure to find the one that you most prefer wearing. Usually, the most popular materials used for false eyelashes are plastic, human hair, and mink. But if you are after achieving a realistic look, your best choice would be human hair and mink.

5. Overcome the Morning Rush

Tired of doing your makeup in a rush especially in the morning when you often run out of time? Thanks to falsies, now you can look prettier even in half the time so you can manage your time better especially in the morning.

Cruelty-Free False Eyelashes

6. Cruelty-Free Options are Available

You don’t even have to worry about not being eco-friendly when wearing falsies. In fact, if you really like mink false eyelashes without the guilt, Velour false eyelashes follow a green approach to creating their lashes.

Did you know?

The mink hair that Velour uses for their handcrafted eyelashes is harvested from a mink preservation area. This means that while they offer realistic false eyelashes, no mink was hurt in the process of its creation!

7. Give Your Look the Extra ‘Oomph’ 

On days when you need to be extra, you can rely on your false eyelashes to create an impact that is far greater when you’re wearing your usual makeup. With your falsies, you can easily be a head turner when you want to!

Enhanced Features

8. Draw Attention to Your Best Features

As false eyelashes add dimension to the shape of your eyes and enhance the structure of your face, you can be confident that your natural beauty is put into the spotlight. That means never having to be bothered about your problem areas as the eyes of onlookers are directed to your natural assets.

9. Defy the Signs of Ageing

Stress and ageing are just two of the factors that can easily strip away your youthful look–and these are reflected through your eyes. Good thing, there’s a way to keep your eyes from looking tired–thanks to false eyelashes. With your falsies, you can conceal your tired eyes, along with the ageing signs that may already be showing and instead reveal a younger and more vibrant look.

Camera-Ready Makeup

10. Be Camera-Ready!

On occasions when photos will be taken here and there, you can’t afford to look less than fabulous. While the makeup you’ve applied, as well as the lipstick you put on earlier starts to fade, you can be sure that your eyes remain beautiful so you can be ready for the camera and look gorgeous all the way.

Proper Care for False Eyelashes

Quick Tips on the Proper Care of Your Falsies

Convinced? Now that you already have the reasons to wear your false eyelashes, the next thing to know is how you can take care of them to prolong their use and ensure longevity that should make your pockets happy. Here’s a quick guide that you’ll find useful.

  • Remember to remove the remaining glue from the band of your false eyelashes before putting them away.
  • In doing so, use your tweezers. Gently strip off the excess glue so that your false lashes will remain soft and pliable.
  • When using mascara with your falsies, apply the mascara first and let it dry before putting your false eyelashes on.
  • Keep your false eyelashes free from dust. Velour lashes come in a case that is designed to store them on days when they’re not in use. With this case, you will not only keep it dust-free but also keep them soft and in the best shape.

There are days when you want to look extra beautiful and it can just be a matter of adding false eyelashes to your usual makeup routine. If you haven’t tried using one, it must be the perfect time to make a change–especially with all the reasons that should convince you to wear ‘em.

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