The Ultimate Guide to LED Light Therapy for Better Skin

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When it comes to beauty, innovation is the not-so-secret recipe to unmasking your best skin yet. Gone are the days when every skincare enthusiast’s routine is limited only to cleansers, moisturisers, toners, and serums. While these are undeniably essential to achieving youthful, glowing complexion, there are now devices that can take your beauty experience a notch higher. One fine example is the trendy LED light therapy.

Light emitting diodes (LED) have long been in existence, but only in recent years has it gained popularity as a therapeutic agent for the skin. In fact, LED light therapy has been making headlines – no wonder why the beauty industry has been raving about it!

Do you want to know more about this emerging facial device? Bring in your curiosity! In this guide, we will walk you through every important detail – without leaving any question unanswered – about LED light therapies for skin. 

LED Light Therapy for Skin

LED Light Therapy for Skin: All Your Questions Answered

What is LED Light Therapy? 

LED (light emitting diode) therapy is a non-invasive and painless skincare treatment that uses infrared lights in different wavelengths to penetrate deep into the skin. It can trigger natural intracellular processes and interactions to rejuvenate damaged skin. 

The treatment was originally developed for medical purposes. In the 1990s, the U.S. Navy SEALs started utilising the LED light therapy to fuel the healing process of wounds and injured muscle tissues. 

NASA also got a hold of it since going into space means the astronauts’ cuts and bruises wouldn’t restore due to the lack of gravity, oxygen, and sunlight. In other words, their cells fail to multiply. The LED light therapy steps in to help regenerate cells and repair tissues.    

Since then, researchers took a closer look at the skin benefits of the treatment and it is now used even for aesthetic purposes.  

Main Benefits of LED Light Therapy for the Skin

What are the Main Benefits of LED Light Therapy for the Skin?

Each frequency of light targets particular areas, thus, solving specific skin concerns. The LED light therapy is mainly noted for the following benefits: 

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production 
  • Restores damaged cells and tissues 
  • Smoothens the skin 
  • Treats acne 
  • Minimises the appearance of wrinkles and age spots
  • Regulates the skin’s natural oil production 

How Does LED Light Therapy Work? 

LED light devices usually come with varying wavelengths of light – including blue, yellow, green, amber and red – which can be absorbed by the receptors in the skin. The light acts as a source of energy that can catalyse the renewal of your skin’s tissues. 

As mentioned, each spectrum or colour corresponds to a specific target treatment in your skin. Note that LED lights can render varying biological effects depending on the depths of their penetration. You need to understand what each of these frequencies or LED light colour settings do in order for you to utilise the one that can better address your skin woes.

LED Light Therapy colours

Red LED Light Therapy

Also known as infrared light, the red LED light works on the outer layer of skin called epidermis. Generally, it can help soothe inflammation and reverse the signs of ageing. 

The lighter shades of red usually help reduce the appearance of redness and improve circulation. Meanwhile, the deeper end of the spectrum focuses more on cell regeneration. 

When absorbed by the epidermis, red light acts on fibroblasts (cells in the skin) to boost the natural production of collagen and elastin. Note that these are proteins that support the structure of your skin, making it look fuller and plumped up. 

Some studies also found that red LED light therapy can significantly increase hair density, preventing hair loss and providing hair growth solution for those with androgenetic alopecia.  

This light colour setting is often offered in at-home LED masks.

Blue LED Light Therapy

Used to target the sebaceous glands, the Blue LED light can control the oil production, purify the skin, and help prevent breakouts and acne lesions. It possesses an antibacterial property that can kill the acne-causing bacteria that sits below your skin. 

From small zits to severe pimples such as cysts and nodules, this wavelength is your effective acne remedy that does not irritate the skin. This LED light colour can also help treat psoriasis and eczema.

Tip: You’ll never go wrong with this LED light combination that can further treat acne: blue light that fights the bacteria plus red LED light that alleviates the redness.   

Green LED Light Therapy 

Green LED light therapy hands you the beauty solution to skin discolouration, such as hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries, sunspots, and dark circles. It evens out the skin tone and can definitely take your complexion care a notch higher.  

By theory, this LED light targets the bottom layer of the epidermis, specifically the melanin-producing cells. It works by inhibiting excess melanin from developing and travelling up the skin’s surface. 

Yellow LED Light Therapy

This LED light colour can infiltrate in the further depths of your skin, targeting the light receptors on the cells. It can be your greatest weapon to combat fine lines, wrinkles, and other factors that indicate ageing. Yellow LED light therapy can also improve circulation on your skin and minimise redness. 

White LED Light Therapy 

Also referred to as near infra-red light, this LED light colour setting has the longest wavelength, thus, it can penetrate deepest into the skin. This way, you can ensure that your skin does not only look radiant on the outside but most especially stays healthy when extended far down the skin’s layers. White LED light therapy comes with a myriad of benefits, including: 

  • Heals acne scars
  • Tightens the skin 
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Clears sun damage and dark spots

Note: You can choose to use one of these light colour settings or combine different wavelengths when undergoing treatments. 

Skin Types Ideal for LED Light Therapy

What Skin Types are Ideal for LED Light Therapy?

LED therapy is suitable for all skin types and tones. People who are experiencing rosacea can also benefit from LED light facial treatments.

What are the Different LED Light Therapy Options?

You can either opt for LED beds to charge up the entire body or facial light therapies through in-salon treatments or at-home LED light face masks. 

In-Salon LED Light Facial Treatments

These are therapy options that are performed in dermatological clinics, aestheticians’ offices, spas, and doctor’s offices. It will usually take 20 minutes for an in-office LED light therapy to finish. Since the results of light therapy for skin are cumulative, the salons will likely require you to go through 10 sessions or more. 

Benefits of LED Light Therapy for the Skin

At-Home LED Light Facial Options

You can also enjoy a rejuvenating photo facial session without setting an appointment at a skin clinic. Props to at-home LED light treatment devices, you can now unmask a radiant, healthy skin even at the comforts of your home! The steps are pretty easy and won’t have the need for rocket science for you to reap the benefits of photo facial therapies.

How to Perform a LED Light Facial Treatment at Home: 

1. Make sure that you cleanse your face. It is important that you decongest and purify your pores before wearing the face mask. 

2. After your skin has completely dried up, place the LED light facial treatment device across your face. You can gradually increase the usage from 10 to 30 minutes, twice or thrice per week.

3. Apply face oils or serums to complete the routine. This may not be a requisite, but it can significantly help in leaving your skin supple and glowing. 

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How Much Does LED Light Therapy Cost?

In-salon LED phototherapy treatments may range from £15 up to £90 per session. Rates may change depending on the additional procedures that you would like to undergo. For instance, you can combine facial light therapy with microdermabrasion, massage, or micro needling. 

You may also want to opt for readily available LED light facial masks on beauty online stores in the UK. It can cost you around £300 to £400. Though they are relatively pricey as compared to in-office options, one of the perks of buying your own device is that you can always perform at-home treatments. 

Moreover, salon treatments will most likely recommend you to undergo more than one session. This means that the money you’ll be spending on facial light therapies can also accumulate.   

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How Safe is LED Light Facial Therapy?

How Safe is LED Light Facial Therapy? 

LED light facial therapies are completely safe so long as they are performed properly. Since the spectrum of light does not use UV rays, they are guaranteed harm-free and will not give you a tan. In fact, this procedure has shown no reported side effects during clinical trials. 

When is LED Light Facial Therapy Not Recommended? 

However, it is important to note that certain illnesses can make you a poor candidate to undergo an LED light facial therapy. If you have the following conditions, you might want to approach the procedure and LED face mask products with extra caution.  

  • Active rash
  • Migraines
  • Seizures 
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye conditions
  • Haemorrhage
  • Cancer
  • Pregnancy

It is also not advisable for people who use Accutane or isotretinoin for acne. This drug can make your skin sensitive to light, therefore, increases the risk of scarring. Other medications that might affect your exposure to LED light facial masks include tetracycline or steroids. 

Furthermore, don’t neglect to look out for post-procedure symptoms such as pain, rash, hives, redness, or intensified inflammation.  

It always pays to consult with professionals if you feel unsure about undergoing facial light therapy.  

How to Prepare for a LED Light Facial Therapy? 

When getting LED light facial treatments at salons, you will be required to wear protective goggles so as to prevent the light from damaging your eyes. 

Here’s another important note: you should remove all your makeup during the session – whether your receiving in-office LED light therapy or at-home face treatment using a device.

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After-Procedure Steps: What Should You Expect after the LED Light Therapy? 

Given that you have just undergone a phototherapy treatment, you might now wonder: what’s next? 

The good thing about LED light therapy is that it is not an invasive procedure, so your skin won’t need recovery time. You can proceed with your usual routine immediately after. 

You might be able to see and feel minimal differences after the first treatment. But as mentioned, the results are progressive and it usually requires a few sessions for the changes to become highly evident. 

One thing to remember is that the results of LED light therapy for skin are not permanent. If you’ve received treatments from spas and dermatological clinics, your service provider will normally require you maintenance treatments every after a few months or so. 

But if you already have an LED light facial device at home, you have the freedom to perform the therapy on your own – advisably two to three times a week.  

The exciting part about the beauty industry is that it always has something new to offer! Staying in the know with the latest skincare trends can definitely take you places. If you haven’t tried LED light therapy yet, it’s about time that you should give it a go! After all, there’s certainly a reason why it’s making waves – and it’s best if you get to see it for yourself. 

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